Where CB Gets Angry…..

Yesterday the condo association started the process of upgrading our smoke and CO detectors- my unit upgrade was completed. 

However, in the process of doing said upgrade, the electrician(s) damaged a wall bracket and bent the slide rail for my curtain panels in my bedroom. 

Which they half-ass repaired with sticky tape. 

And then failed to tell me about.

And which I discovered at bedtime when I went to close my curtain panels and they didn’t work correctly.

Which is when I got majorly pissed off. 

Now, I don’t so much care that they damaged the bracket, etc. Shit happens. And as I’m the one who devised the hanging system for the rail/panel closure, I was mostly able to fix it.

What I care about is that (a) the electricians were obviously a bit careless while inside my place, and (b) THEY DIDN’T BOTHER TO TELL ME THEY’D DAMAGED MY SHIT!

That’s what really chapped my ass. Had they just left a note saying “Sorry, we had an accident and damaged your curtain system. Please call if you need help repairing.” Or something- anything- and I would have been pretty chill. I would have been frustrated,yes, but then shrugged my shoulders and fixed it.

And fixed it when I got home–  not at 10:30 at night when I’m ready for bed and now have to get out tools and glue and take crap apart.

But no. They tried to hide the issue with a shitty repair job and then didn’t say anything. And that’s why I blew a gasket. 

I ended up firing off an email to our condo management expressing my frustration and displeasure at the way things were handled. 

I honestly don’t want anyone fired over this (heck, I was able to pretty much repair it without to much hassle) but I thought the incident deserved to be brought up. 

Am I wrong?


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5 Responses to Where CB Gets Angry…..

  1. nope I would have been ticked off as well

  2. I’d have been pissed too. I had some roofers once pop a hole in a storm window. And the thing that most bugged me was they didn’t mention it.

  3. truthspew says:

    In answer to your question, no you aren’t wrong for letting the condo management know that you’re pissed.

  4. Mandy says:

    You are totally right in letting mgmnt know. I agree with you that the point is they didn’t say anything to you, completely thinking they would get away with it. That is so wrong. Maybe your building needs to find new contractors to do those jobs. These guys are careless and thoughtless.

  5. nope, you have every right to go off on shit like that.

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