Mom’s been getting around pretty well overall. Every day the mobility is increasing, her flexibility is improving and she’s getting herself in and out of bed, dressed, to the bathroom, etc. 

With her walker of course, but she’s managing. 

I’ve also been making her try things on her own– like icing her knee (with a wrap) and doing her exercises.  And getting herself into and out of her knee exerciser. 

Mostly she’s doing really decently.

We have yet to get the shower fixed (which worries me) and I need to make sure she can get in and out ok with the seat in place before I leave. 

To everyone who’s been offering advice, I thank you for that. She has an in home therapist coming every day, and a stay at home young neighbor who’ll be looking in in her. Also, the neighbor kids will be doing things like laundry and putting up groceries, etc. 

And she has an extensive network of friends and church folks to help her in my absence. 

With her abilities the past few days, I’m feeling better about her being on her own. I will worry about the dogs (although we have a solution for that) and her getting food, but I know her friends will help with that. 

I just wish the fucking plumber would call. 

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2 Responses to Update

  1. truthspew says:

    With some simple tools you can do the plumbing yourself.

    • cb says:

      Really?!?? Cuz I hadn’t thought of that. (Sarcasm off)

      I tried to change the shower myself, but mom had exactly two tools (vise grips and pliers) and the head was so corroded in place I was running the risk of damaging the pipes behind the wall.

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