We Are

We are (in Chamber Singers) singing a piece called We Are.  Music by Craig Hella Johnson and poem by Dennis Browne.

Here is the text (based on the poem For the Young Men to Sing):
we are all sons of fathers and mothers

we are all sons 
we are all rivers

the roar of waters
what is the world to us?

who can we be for the world?
there is a star at morning and one at evening

they are no more the names we give them

than we are
everything singing beyond itself

beyond the names we love (O love) to give them
everything swelling beyond its powers

everything lifted up in the singing
we are sparks that scatter through the world

from original fire we come
we are the flow of sky and its unfolding

we are hundreds of hoofbeats on hard ground
sometimes no home for us on the earth

no place to lay our heads
if you could know for one moment 

how it is to stand in our bodies

within the world
you ask too much of us

you ask too little
everything brimming in us

everything dark in its barrel
we are


we are


we are


we are


we are all sons

The piece isn’t harmonically crazy– it’s just through-composed, so the whole thing is a big, long musical idea. And there is lots of mixed meter and singing in canon. 

It’s really quite beautiful. 

I’m especially drawn to the lines “everything brimming in us, everything dark in its barrel”.  The music right then takes this melancholy turn and it’s just — Le sigh.

Anyway, it’s one of the pieces I’m excited to sing this fall. 


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One Response to We Are

  1. Damien says:

    The lyrics are lovely. Glad to hear your enjoying Chamber.

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