Chamber Singers

Once again I am singing bass in the chamber singers (a smaller ensemble selected from the chorus).  The group tends to sing more classic repertoire and is used for smaller concerts/outreach opportunities. 

It’s also a joy to sing in because everyone is good.

We had our first rehearsal last night and since most of the group is returning from last year, we sort of just picked up where we left off. We sight-read a few new pieces, and one has caught my ear already as something potentially special. 

I’m glad we hit the ground running because this year we have a special November chamber concert to prepare for, which adds a lot of music to the already sizeable chunk that the chorus has to do for the Christmas concert. So I have a busy fall ahead. 

I think it’s good I’m not doing band. (PS, they haven’t reached out to me at all- it’s like I never existed even though I was the trombone section leader.)

Plus, truth be told, I always hated Monday night rehearsals. Monday’s usually suck at work, sonit just makes for a long day. So far I’ve been enjoying my Monday nights off. 

Anyway- that was the extent of the excitement for my weekend. Hope yours was fun. 

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