I got a real beef with the jeans industry. Why can’t you make a good jean that works on guys with muscular thighs and a meaty ass?  And why they gotta be so goddamn expensive?

God, shopping for jeans sucks right now. Absolutely nothing fits me right now. Everything is still geared for skinny jean couture, for some ungodly reason. 

I can’t wear skinny jeans. One of my legs can’t even wear skinny jeans. And even if I upsized the waist in order to get in a pair, they are unflattering as fuck because the inseam length is exaggerated, and the ass looks like you are dragging around a loaded diaper.

Plus they don’t go over my calves.

And don’t even get me started on how stupidly low the pockets are being placed!

If I do manage to find a “roomier cut” jean, thencrotch is low, it looks like the leg hole’s are eating my feet and I look 40 MORE pounds overweight. 

And then there are the slouchy jeans, which perpetually look like you need to give them a good, upward yank.  Which makes me uncomfortable just to look at!

Seriously, when did the skinny/slouchy jeans looks become popular?  And why??  The cuts are definitely NOT flattering.  I mean, c’mon people!

To illustrate, I give you three choices of men in jeans….
Example A:

Example B: 

Example C:

I don’t know about you, but ass A is a hands down winner for me. The jeans grip the ass, and the pockets don’t extend beyond the curve of the buttock. Plus, it doesn’t look like his ass is melting. 

But just try finding a pair like “A” nowadays!  Grrrrrr!
OH!  And jeans cost about 8 bucks to make. There’s like 4 dollars in cloth, and 4 dollars in Chinese child labor there. But jeans companies charge us like 80 bucks (and that’s for the inexpensive shit!). Ain’t no WAY I’m paying over 100 for jeans!  Fuck THAT! Not even if they fit like Chris Hemsworth!

And I’m not even touching on the excessive use of “stretch denim”.  What a fucking abortion.   I’m sorry, but any jeans with over 0.5% “stretchy fabric” look like those goddamn pajama jeans. 

So, here I am– getting low on my denim supply, with no prospects looming on the horizon. 

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9 Responses to Beef

  1. Damien says:

    I completely feel your pain.

    Jeans are made by evil people who despise people like us. Grrrrrrrr!

  2. Keffner says:

    I am a hard to fit jeans guy. i have quads that i spend so much time growing and my calves have always been thick. Levis usually work well for me and some calvin jeans. i will never do skinny jeans cause why would anyone want to look skinny?

  3. Mandy says:

    I bought a pair of skinnies two months ago, and have yet to wear them. The bad thing about jeans for chicks is that in order to get them to fit nicely on your ass, the waist is huge. Some jeans are better fits than others, it just takes a huge chore of trying on different styles. Funny enough, I recently bought a pair of jeans at Costco (yes, Costco!) w/o trying them on, and they turned out to be really cute. And only $11.99. That doesn’t happen often!

  4. Old Lurker says:

    I’m sorry you have muscular thighs and a meaty ass. It must be such a burden.

  5. Paul says:

    Try Old Navy. Plus their sizes run larger so you can wear a “smaller” waist size.

  6. Larry says:

    Levi’s 541 athletic fit. Check them out. Roomier in the thighs and butt

  7. seanbutnotseen says:

    Ask guys who have similar builds what they wear. Shop sale – GStar and Lucky make numerous fits which include your build. At the end of every season almost everything will be on sale. I often get Lucky at Costco! Also, try them on in the store then look online (eBay too!) for a much better price. Trend queens are always selling so they can buy new. My staff shop good will and thrift stores – this requires luck and persistence but it pays off.

  8. NIFP says:

    A friend of mine likes Nasty Pig, but you might not care for the price or amount of spandex (somehow he manages to not look like he is wearing jeggings). I have good look with Lee Premium Classic Fit, but of course there are other fits.

  9. Marcus says:

    Don’t know what your price range is but try this site:
    Jeans for guys that lift or have larger quads, butts, etc.

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