Now Boarding

On Sunday, I visited Minnesota Brass during their last rehearsal before heading out east for Finals.  It made me miss drum corps something fierce. 

Their show this year is called “Now Boarding” and it is a flight-themed show with nods to the golden age of air travel (think Pan Am). 

The main thematic thread is “To Tame the Perilous Skies” by Holsinger. But it has jazz “Come Fly Away” and a bit of music from “Up”. 

Here’s a video montage of a few segments. If you have a minute thirty to spare, give it a look. Just remember you are seeing them at the end of two days of intense camp, when it’s 86° and humid. 

This is MBI’s 70th anniversary and if really brought out the numbers. They have 61 horns!!!  The most I’ve ever seen them March was 51. Moar horns = more sound impact and more Effect. 

They also got brand spankin’ new horns this year and I’m sooooo jealous!  Even at the end of that long weekend when they’re exhausted they sound pretty good.

Maybe next year I’ll get more involved– like in a teaching capacity. 


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