Olympics and Drum Corps

I really was contemplating not watching any Olympics this year. I’d heard nothing about our athletes and only negative stuff about Rio.  But since nothing else is on TV….

My thoughts:

Michael Phelps may be the greatest Olympic athlete of all time, but he’s kind of a dick. 

Our women’s gymnasts are just on a completely different level than other countries. 

The male gymnasts for the US are hot, but hot doesn’t win medals.

There doesn’t seem to be any coverage of any non-hallmark sporting events. And NBC’s coverage in genera is pretty shitty. 

I don’t think I can stand another week of this. 

And now for Drum Corps:

The DCI world championships are this weekend.  Prelims were last night and I’m happy that the Bluecoats are in first. They absolutely deserve to win.

My beloved Cavaliers are sitting in 6th by 0.2 point. I’m hoping they can sneak into 5th– their show deserves it.

And for a fun clip of the Bluecoats, go here:

Wink and a smile, baby. 


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2 Responses to Olympics and Drum Corps

  1. So, how do I watch if I don’t have cable?

  2. Mark in DE says:

    The Olympic eye candy has been pretty awesome. I agree about Phelps being the best Olympic athlete in history, and not because he’s the youngest either.

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