New Art

Okay, this is the last art I buy this year, I swear!

The piece is called “Star Buck”.

It’s archival ink on white pine, all done by hand with a 0.5mm pen. Well, several pens, actually. (I believe the artist called them Ultraliners or some such).

It’s actually a circular piece, in a hand-made circular frame. Here’s what it looks like on my wall:

The artist (Erin Curry) was showing at the Uptown Art Fair (which Kyle dragged me to).  She was fascinating, with a mind that works a mile a minute. She did stuff like my piece, also other skeletal animal drawings with mixed media collage work, and also some 3-D drawing/cutout stuff in shadow boxes. All very cool. 

This piece struck me though. There’s an energy to it, and a cleanness. I was drawn to it instantly. Then she told me the story of it. 

Some sort of bizarre dream that involved this buck but also the “cow jumped over the moon” rhyme. She was on the road and showing at different art fairs, so she started and finished the piece in her booth. While going through multiple pens (like 8 of ’em).

Erin has a touch of madness to her– like most good artists do. On the back of the piece she had also scrawled a random Charlotte’s Web quote for some reason. It just struck her late on night, so it was added.

Oh, and she’s a self taught artist. She started as a kid when her mom gave her pen and paper and told her to “stop fidgeting”.  She didn’t even know that what she was doing was called “stippling” until a fellow artist enlightened her. 

I think I was drawn to Star Buck, because it reminds me so much of Rockwell Kent. Google him. I mentioned this to her and she went ape because I recognized that because he’s a huge influence on her. (I smiled at this.)

I think Star Buck found the right home. 


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4 Responses to New Art

  1. Wow. It *does* look a lot like Rockwell Kent’s stuff 🙂

  2. Old Lurker says:

    The young buck looks delightful, but you shouldn’t go around making promises you have no intention of keeping.

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