DCI Minnesota

I got mah drum corps fix this past Saturday. Well… mostly. Until the storms rolled in. 

Per usual. 

Minnesota can’t seem to have anything nice. This event has had weather issues almost every year. 

But I got to see all but the Blue Devils and Minnesota Brass. So it wasn’t a total washout. And the corps I came to see– the Cavaliers. 

I marched with the Cavies (back in the day) and ever since their design team changed, they’ve been struggling a bit. This year is the first year where I feel like their show is exciting and supremely designed. And talk about timing!

Their show?

They have props that have newsprint slogans with big red bullhorns on top– even the uniforms have newsprint graphics. They use handheld bullhorns throughout the show– even the snares do some fun percussive voice stuff with them. They use old recordings of wartime speeches and the horn line sings on the field at one point and they chant “Get In Line!” And ….

Let’s just say there is a LOT going on in this show. So much nuance. So many graphics and details.  

It’s probably the best designed show I’ve seen this year (other than Bluecoats).  Now they just need to layer it a bit more and clean it. It definitely has the potential to crack the top five. 

They have even done a clever job of blitzing social media with images and information about the show– campaigning as it were. And driving buzz. 

And naturally they have shirts for the show. Which I had to buy:

I’m really pulling for them this year. 

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3 Responses to DCI Minnesota

  1. Old Lurker says:

    Do you miss participating in Drum Corps?

  2. Blobby says:

    so……..their into fisting?

  3. Blobby says:

    so……..they’re into fisting?

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