Beach Blanket Babylon to be precise.

If you go to San Francisco, you really need to see this show. Splurge for the cafe table seats and sit up close. 

It’s a musical review-cum-showcase-cum-extravaganza. With outlandish wigs. 

The loose plot thread is that Glinda the good witch is helping Snow White find a husband. So they travel around the globe and musical numbers ensue. 

They hit Rome, Paris, and there is even some Spain/Latin America tossed in.
But the show is deliberately kept loose enough to allow for the insertion of current pop cultural references and new songs. The show we saw had a musical number featuring Adele, Sia, and Kim Lardassian. 

There was also a moment where Bill Cosby made an appearance and sang Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”.  The whole “one pill makes you….”, lemme tell you, I lost my shit. 

Laughed myself hoarse, I did. 

Of course, political humor is in there too– with a lovely drag moment of Michele Bachmann singing “Can’t take my eyes off of you”.  And naturally Hillary, Donald, Cruz, and Bernie all made appearances.

Oh, and a Sarah Palin moment with a gun, her going all “bang bang!” Brilliant.

Seriously, you must see this show. It’s really too good to pass up. 

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