British slang: very pleased.

“I’m dead chuffed to have won”

After this past week and weekend I am feeling pretty fucking chuffed. My schedule was relentless and everything went really well.
Work last week was busy, but productive. I got quite a bit done, in spite of the lengthy meetings. And there weren’t any major problems, which was nice. 

In addition to my regular work schedule, I had the following: rehearsals on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday evenings, 4-hour recording sessions (from 6-10pm) on Thursday and Friday, another 4-hour recording session on Saturday from 1-5, then my last concert band concert of the season Saturday evening at 7.  Then a karaoke/sushi birthday party to attend on Sunday afternoon. 

The recording sessions were grueling. We only got one 15 minute break and it was a fuckton of standing stock still on creaky risers. So… Many… Takes… Needed. I still ache. 

A picture of one of the sessions. I swear you could hear a mouse fart in that space!  Supposedly this particular hall has the lowest “sound floor” in the cities.  When we were quiet before takes, if someone even touched their music, you could hear it. 

But I also managed to clean my place (before my trip to SF this week), and I cut my hair and whitened my teeth a little. And hit the gym. 

And rode my bike to work today!

  (I’m still a bit sweaty from my ride)

It’s supposed to be nice all week, so I hope to ride my bike each day. Gotta burn the lbs before flying to Cali!

Speaking of– part of the timing for my San Francisco trip was because of this past week. I knew that once I made it past Saturday, I would be ready for a mini-vacay. 

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Recording sessions are anything but fun. My first one ended at 2:30am 18 years ago – it was unscheduled. Because we hadn’t finished. So, after 12 3-hour concerts (yes, 12), the last concert being a matinee, meaning we got home from teh run-out the night before well after 1:00am and had to sing again the next day at 2:00pm, the director informed us that we didn’t have everything on tape, and so we had to go back and finish after dinner. So, from 8:00pm until 2:30am we recorded. Again and again and again and again. I remember lying on the blessedly heated floor between takes to get mini-naps in, I was so tired. It was this group’s first recording session. I’ve been in many, many others since, some easy, some not. Most with tensions running high because it’s so expensive and time-constricted. So. Un. Glamorous. I feel for you.

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