I know a guy in chorus who hooked me up with free tickets to the American Craft show in St Paul this weekend. 

It was a large expose featuring all sorts of artists and craftspeople– most local. Everything from woodworking to furniture making to textiles to ceramics to jewelry (lots of jewelry). Everything was pretty high quality, but only a couple vendors caught my eye. 

Scott McGlasson of Woodsport was one of them. 

I walked by and was instantly drawn to his furniture.  Clean. Simple. Elegant. Modern yet timeless. Proportionate. 



His display area didn’t have examples of everything that he makes (especially the bigger pieces like armoires, beds, etc) but a good representation was there. 

What made me start chatting with Scott was this lamp:

I found the grooving of the post, with the threading of the bright cord to be striking. And different. 

So I asked him what prompted him to make that choice. He explained that without it, the lamp was kind of boring.  And since he had to do a coed run anyway, he thought he’d stitch it along the post. Then the lamp becomes more visually interesting and more about the cord. 

This led to talking about his design esthetic and philosophy. And his work in general. And life. 

And let’s just say he was very easy to talk to:

Married, natch. But oh-my-God super nice. And sort of flirty (there was a vibe there). And picture the above, but in hipster jeans and boots, a flannel shirt, cap, and semi-clear framed glasses.  And hands the size of oven mitts. 

He couldn’t be any more type if he tried.

So, I’m moderately in love with him now. And also definitely in love with his designs. Like these:

These super-hefty stools are awesome (all sorts of woods and finishes), and you can get them with an Icelandic sheep pelt to affix to the top with either a wooden or a heavy brass plug. 

Or these:

A gentleman’s drink cart.  On wheels. And the handle is a bottle opener. 

Le sigh. 

Anyway– he can ship his designs anywhere. So if you are in the market for hand-made wooden furniture, I highly recommend looking him up. 


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3 Responses to Woodsport

  1. Old Lurker says:

    I think I know how this movie ends.

  2. Doréus says:

    I love this work. Of course, I couldn’t afford any of it, but love it.

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