This week (on Tuesday evening) I went under the needle again in order to add to my leg tattoo. 

I like the results!

The original tattoo was the Hindu mantra text which spiraled around and down my leg. 

But over time I decided that it was too spare a design. I wanted other spiritual designs incorporated — and something representing air (like clouds or smoke).

The mandala on the back of my calf was added last year. It hurt like a sonofabitch, btw. And it also left the front side looking very unbalanced. 

So this week the front mandala was added with some light cloud outlines to border and contain the design.

This was MUCH less hurty and it’s healing nicely. 

It’s all black ink (or grey) which is in keeping with the theme on the rest of my body. (The purple is left over from where he sketched on me).  The two mandalas and the text also fall into my ikebana sensibilities (two elements, 3 heights, scalene triangle form).

And yes– this is shit I think about before marking my body.

The text really isn’t covered up or inked over, but rather overlays and incorporates into the mandalas. Yes, it makes the text harder to discern– but I know it’s there and what it says. 

I am now satisfied with the balance on my leg; and I think it’s done. If I want to add some shading or something later, I can. But right now I want the skin to be the backdrop of the design.

And I need to live with it for awhile.  


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3 Responses to Ink

  1. Sean says:

    Mom and Dad must be beaming with joy….

  2. Mandy says:

    What does the text say?

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