Pavement Cracks

i ride the same bike trail to work every day. And the newest stretch of it (the one that connects to the Mississippi River trail was just completed like two years ago. 

Anyway, there is a new condo/apartment building going up right next to the trail and they began excavating the site. Well, one day the trail was perfect, and the next:

Yeah.  The trail split in half, and the right side is sinking toward the excavation pit. They do have those vertical beams in place, but evidently they didn’t get them in soon enough. 

I wish the pictures showed it better, but the level change is fairly sizable– like 8 inches. And there are little sink holes and fairly wide fissures. 

You can see that they tried to fill in the crack with asphalt, but it didn’t work.

What a mess. And the trail was basically brand new!  At least it is still passable– but for how much longer?

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  1. rut row, somebody did not think this through!

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