Sucked back in….

So, my days in drum corps may not quite be over yet.  I was called last night and informed that a lead baritone just broke her foot and they want me to jump in for the rest of the season. 

I’m very conflicted. 

I’ve always wondered if I had the stones to fill a hole late in the season– to be able to learn an entire show and then successfully march and play it in a very short amount of time. It would definitely be a challenge. 

It’s also only until Labor Day weekend, so only 7 weeks of commitment. And since I wasn’t doing much this summer anyway now that chorus and band are done, so it would get me off my ass.

It might also be my swan song. 

I do worry that it will prove to be too much of a challenge to get my aging body up to speed. I worry about my ankles. And my chops. And I worry about the pressure to be a “rock star” and to be perfect and a leadership presence and such. 

And I worry about feeling isolated for the 7 weeks because I’m older and haven’t been building the camaraderie with the corps all year.

But the biggest hurdle for me will be agreeing to march when I know we won’t win. 

In my past years with Minnesota Brass, they were serious championship contenders. It always felt like it was between us and the Buccaneers, and there were a couple years where it felt like we were robbed of first. 

But this year?  The hornline is down in size, there have been numerous staffing changes, and there just doesn’t seem to the the fire.  Or the power. Which makes me think there is very little shot at a championship. 

And I’m nothing if not hyper competitive. 

So to join this year, I will have to reconcile myself with the fact that defeat is imminent and we may actually get 4th or 5th.  And that bothers me. 

Can I get past this and just do it for the challenge aspect and the joy of playing in a horn line?  This is my dilemma. 

But I’ll know more after I attend rehearsal Wednesday evening. 


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2 Responses to Sucked back in….

  1. Mark in DE says:

    It sounds like there are a mountain of reasons why you shouldn’t do it.

  2. the negatives weigh more than the positives; I second mark and “just say no”.

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