Sofa Drama

Or is it more of a “davenport”?  The aliteration would have been nice. 

Anyway- I was supposed to have my new sofa delivered this past Saturday. As you have probably now surmised, it did not happen. And I’m a tad frustrated. 

To back up, I’ve had my eye on this particular sofa for a couple years. It’s leather and comfy and casual and it’s my style and … Sigh. Plus, the sectional I had in my living room was a tad too big for the space (my living room is rather narrow).

So, I made a rash decision and ordered it. And then I immediately put my sectional up on Craigslist. And it sold quickly. 

Once it sold, I moved up delivery of my new sofa, and after much anticipation it was slated for Saturday delivery.  I was giddy!

But then the movers took it off the truck and that’s when everything went to hell and the drama began. 

I test drove the sofa at the store and I needed the long one so that I could fully stretch out on it. So that’s at least 72″ of seat length, then there’s the arm width, etc. so yeah, the thing is big. But it was big enough that it wouldn’t fit in either freight elevator. 

Hrm. I’ve never had an issue with things being so big that they didn’t fit….

So that left the stairs option– which the delivery guys flat out refused.

*cue cb near meltdown*

Yeah, I know I live on the fifth floor.  And yeah, I’m sorry that the sofa didn’t fit in our freight elevators. But I also live in a building that houses design firms and furniture stores, so it’s not like big furniture never gets delivered here. 

Also, it’s an old factory building with high ceilings and really wide stairwells.  But… Nope.  Not even with the “white glove delivery surcharge” that I already paid. 

The biggest pisser is that the only Delivery caveat that the website imposes for this sofa is that all doorways must be 30″ wide to accommodate the item. 

All our doorways are 36″.

When I called the store to express my displeasure, the helpful person actually suggested a firm out of NYC that does excellent work cutting large pieces in half and then putting them back together. 

Are you fucking kidding me?

At this point I’ll find out Tuesday what the solution is– or if there is one. Basically what needs to happen is that a couple strapping lads need to cart it up 5 flights of stairs. 

I’m not holding my breath that the store will do this for me– at least without charging me even MORE money. 


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4 Responses to Sofa Drama

  1. truthspew says:

    LOL – you could read a the Douglas Adams book I believe it’s the Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul. In it one of the prime characters has to get a sofa delivered – except it gets stuck half way up the stairs. Then they try to get it out and cannot do so. It’s funny as hell.

    Your situation though – not so funny. I’m assuming the sofa is about 8 to 10 feet. You’re telling me a freight elevator can’t accommodate that? Wow.

  2. Robert says:

    Sofa King Dramatic!

  3. Keffner says:

    I can understand your frustration, but I cannot blame the delivery guys for not wanting to lug the thing up five flights.

  4. Mark in DE says:

    You should demand a full refund of the “white glove delivery surcharge” and then use it and a little more to hire guys to carry the sofa up the stairs. Try Craigslist or your local day laborer site.

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