And the Oscar Goes To….

A white person. 

Shocker, right?

Hollywood is a very white town. White and Jewish. So it should come as no great surprise that Black actors get short shrift in the awards categories.  But still we hear the outcry for equality and diversity in Hollywood’s mutual masturbatory trophyfest.

But I started looking at the whole Black actor/academy award thing and realized something. If you’re Black, this is NOT an award you want to win as it’s basically a parting gift for your career. 

I mean, let’s look at past winners:

Hattie McDaniel– no career after. And Is dead

Sidney Poitier– basically white. And also dead

Lou Gossett Jr. — um, what career?

Cuba Gooding Jr. — who??

Whoopi Goldberg– no films for you. Only Depends commercials. 

Jamie Foxx– meh. Nothing for awhile now. 

Forest Whitacre– nothing except a dropper eye. 

Halle Berry– nothing good except going a bit cray-cray. 

Mo’Nique–  again… Who??

Jennifer Hudson– no acting career AND no music career

Octavia Spencer– love her, but she’ll be gone soon enough. 

Lupita Nyong’o– more famous now for having a pearl dress stolen. 

About the only two actors to buck the trend are Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman. And when’s the last time you saw something good from Denzel?  Or remember Mr Freeman for anything other than voiceover work?

I’m telling you, when the Academy gives a Black actor an Oscar, it’s basically telling them “You done good, now go away.”

I think I’d stick with being unrecognized, yet still being shown da money on a regular basis. But that’s just me. 

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3 Responses to And the Oscar Goes To….

  1. Blobby says:

    Portier might be surprised to find he’s dead – since he isn’t.

    But if you’re going by this standard: Adrian Brody (such a name in film these days!). Holly Hunter (has she made movie since ‘the Incredibles…where she was a voice)? Philip Seymor Hoffman (really dead). Jean Dujardin. Jeremy Irons. Helen Hunt (oh you can’t keep her off the big screen…oh wait…..).

    The Oscar means zero in terms of viability – regardless of race. Or gender, it would seem.

    • cb says:

      Oh, I totally agree that there are lots of white examples of “one and done” at the Oscars. But it doesn’t seem to be at the 80% rate of African American Actors

      • Blobby says:

        Well that is bc Samuel L Jackson has ‘the angry black guy’ market cornered, He’s even angry in his Capital One ads. And what he doesn’t get goes to Morgan Freeman.

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