Favorite Things.

File “Leslie Hall” under my new favorite things.


I randomly this video show up on a Twitter or facebook feed and was all “What in the gay fuck?” See for yourself:

I thought, “This has to be a joke, although it feels like someone who is bad but doesn’t know they’re bad and instead confidently thinks they’re kind of awesome. But they fail in a spectacular manner.”

Which is exactly what it is. Sort of.

I’m actually quite convinced Leslie is a musical genius.

After watching this video, I did an iTunes search for This song. And was astonished to find five albums of music out there. Including an album of remixes.

I started listening to her catalogue and was absolutely hypnotized. This isn’t like that weirdo Tonetta guy wearing a mask and dressing like Buffalo Bill doing tuneless songs in his basement. Oh no. Bitch can sing!

Which just makes the above video even more humorous because she’s singing bad on purpose. Which can be really tricky to do well. And her videos are low-budget camp on purpose, as well.

Ms Hall’s songs are actually really good. And I mean good good. Lyrically, they are interesting and clever. And very dense (complex). And she crosses sound genres: folk, dance, pop, country. And her hooks are melodically catchy.

I downloaded a fuckton of her stuff and have really been enjoying her style. It’s quirky and fun– but also smart. And refreshingly different in this day and age of pop crap.

And I actually love that she’s developed this gold-lamé catsuit wearing, nerdy “big gurl” personality that she unabashedly and unwaveringly adheres to.

It’s like watching a musical version of Amy Sedaris.

Here’s another song/video that I love even more than the first. And I think it illustrates what I’m trying to get across about her talent level:

I love that you can see the tear away pants cables.

Leslie actually lives in Iowa and my friend Robert from Welcome to the Middle Ages has actually met her!

I’m a bit jealous.


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4 Responses to Favorite Things.

  1. Partick says:

    I sorta remember her face as being the ugly sweater lady from a decade ago or something like that. Same person?

  2. Michael Cox says:

    Have you seen the original of Zombie Killer? No Elvira, but more twisted humour.

  3. Kevin says:

    She has also been on Yo Gabba Gabba a kids TV show! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5pgUbxMsHQ

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