Kingsman: The Secret Service

Really good movie. Deliciously violent. You should go.


It’s part Bond. Part Mission Impossible. Part The Avengers (the original avengers, not the crap Marvel movie).

It is also part dark and part humorous, with cheeky direct nods to Bond films.

Samuel L Jackson is an interesting villain– an über rich, quirky tech whiz with a strong lisp and a weak constitution. Like a gayer Bill Gates. His right hand is a chick with blade runner legs, with quite literal blades built in. Very fun!

Colin Firth is awesome, as usual. And the newcomer Taron Egerton?




Dreamy. And good!

It’s a fairly decent plot– standard evil genius bent on world destruction and only the Kingsmen can stop him– but with a few modern twists for freshness.

It has a good mix of old school spy stuff and new tech. And humor. And darkness. And social awareness.

So All in all I rather enjoyed it. Also because it didn’t feel like a “reboot” or a “reimagining” of a hero story that’s already been done to death. So that’s good, too.

And if you need a gratuitous violence fix? Well, here you go. There is one killing sequence set to Lynard Skynnard’s “Freebird” that is utterly astounding in the depth and breadth of different egregious methods used to slaughter folks.

Go see it if you haven’t. Go!



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