I must admit, one of my favorite schadenfreude things involves people getting their comeuppance.

I also just like the word (heh heh heh).

We have a radio station here that does a weekly segment called “War of the Roses”– I’ve mentioned it before. This is where a spouse or partner thinks that their sig-oth is cheating on them, so they have the radio station call pretending to be the cheater’s phone/cable company. They have a quick survey and if the person participates they get a free dozen roses to send to whomever they so choose.

Then we all get to hear if the suspected philanderer sends the flowers to the spouse or the piece of ass on the side. Usually it is very comfortable to listen to.

Most times it involves a guy cheating, and the girlfriend/wife doesn’t get the flowers and arguments ensue. The guy invariably tries to lie and weasel his way out of the whole thing. Insults fly. Relationships end. And all on the radio for the enjoyment of the listening public.

This is not what I enjoy.

What I do like is when a cheater gets busted in an egregious lie, and the spouse already knows his/her partner is guilty and they just use the radio to destroy them publicly.

Like today’s “War of the Roses”.

This one involved a guy who’s wife had already cheated on him (right after they got married) and after couple’s counseling and therapy, everything appeared to be going well…

Until this past weekend when his wife was supposed to be in Chicago for work. Only she wasn’t. She was photographed by the couple’s babysitter at a restaurant in an outlying suburb. With another man.


So the radio station did the call/survey ploy and then offered a romantic dinner for two (in lieu of roses) and asked for the name of her would-be guest.

As expected, she chose some other guy (not her faithful husband). Aaaand BAM! Down came the hammer.

Oh yes, hearing her squirm in this case was delicious. And when confronted she even said “I wasn’t at Emma Crumbies this weekend.” (Crumbies is a local restaurant). Only nobody had said the restaurant name where the picture was taken at that point.


The husband of four years basically told her that he was going to be changing the locks, and that she and her new boyfriend could come pick up her shit and get the fuck out.

The wife kept saying that she wasn’t going to have this conversation on the phone (I don’t think she realized it was on the air) and that she couldn’t believe that her husband would do this.

“I hope you’re pleased with yourselves,” she says scathingly.

“You hope WE’RE pleased? That’s funny. Why would I be pleased about you being a whore who ruined our marriage.”

I do feel a tad bit sorry because the have a child together, but mostly I felt triumphant in a way. I enjoyed the guy becoming empowered to leave his cheating wife and also having the brass cajones to get some public revenge.

Comeuppance. It’s a good thing (unless it’s yours).


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One Response to Comeuppance

  1. Mark in DE says:

    The station I listen to on my 10-minute commute to work does a similar thing called Phone Tap. Only in this case, they make stuff up to get a reaction out of the spouse. Still funny, but not quite the sense of comeuppance you described.

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