A Dick Move

So, as I have alluded to- work has been a bit more “challenging” as of late. The newly hired President of the company has a definite agenda, and has been asking for demanding all kinds of changes. With, shall we say, aggressive timelines

As in “now”.

He also does not communicate in what I’d call a “collaborative” fashion. Perhaps it’s just his business method. Or maybe it’s cultural (he’s Indian).

Regardless, it’s making life difficult.

For example, we had a first time quality certification at one of our plants this past October. It was a pretty big deal, and one of my goals to support getting them certified.

Overall the audit went well, but we did have 3 minor non-conformances that needed to be addressed and closed before we are officially certified. This process takes time.

We have to fix the issues, then provide evidence of closure and improvement. Then the auditing body has to sign off on our actions. The timeframe is as follows:

– at approximately 30 days, a rough response as to how we are addressing the issues.

– at approximately 60 days, submission of our evidence for review

– at 90 days, lead auditor reviews and approves evidence (or doesn’t)

– at 120 days, auditing body technical review board finishes review and awards certification.

This is what happened:

I submitted preliminary response at 30 days. Got info back and worked to close audit findings at the other plant (which was like pulling teeth). At 65 days I submitted evidence of closure. At day 89 the auditor responds and requests a fuckton of extra information that she never eluded to in her previous response. In ONE day I pull all the rest of her requested info together and submit.

And this is sort of where we sit.

Only the new President doesn’t find this acceptable.

In addition to taking pot shots at me in large meetings by saying things like “well, we weren’t very timely in our responses” (yes, I only allowed the auditors 25 days to review some pdf files) he is now leaning on my boss to lean on me to get our quality certification… You guessed it.


Given the fact that our audit concluded on October 17th, the auditing body technically has until February 17th ish to certify us. Or not. Depending on if they like our evidence.

To him this is unacceptable and has been forcing me to call our auditor and her boss to “move things along”.

The conversation last night with the auditor’s boss was that they would make us a priority and try to get our evidence reviewed by this Friday. And with then turnaround time at the German main office, we may have a certificate by mid-next week.

Good job, right?

Well, I’m a realist and I “realize” that this still depends upon our auditor getting the paperwork in for review. And then it actually being reviewed. And accepted. And then having the Fatherland actually issuing the cert.

In other words, I ain’t optimistic.

But what does my boss tell the President? That we should have the certification next Wednesday.

AND (this is the best part)…

In the morning meeting (which is a teleconference with all three of our plants) the new prez looks at my boss and says, “Do you want to tell everyone the good news about the Quality Certification?”

Ha! As if my boss had anything to do with any of it. I was the person who got that plant ready, got them through the audit, and basically single-handedly addressed and fixed the non-conformities.

What a fucking dick move.

Of course now I’m going to be in major fucking trouble if we don’t get that goddamn piece of paper by next week. Which completely relies upon three different people going above and beyond for us over whom I have zero authority or control.

I am super lit up right now.


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3 Responses to A Dick Move

  1. rut row. job hunting time in spades. mr. prez is gonna be gunning for your ass, and not in a good way.

  2. GKMorell says:

    Wow! You are facing a serious challenge and boss man is not going to like any excuses. Run for the hills. I believe it’s time to start searching and avoid a climatic end show.

  3. Chip says:

    It seems like lately the geographic area has been “clicking” for you, with the chorus and all. Are there other job opps in the area? Could this bump in the road be temporary ?

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