Tech Support

For Christmas, I got my father a new iPad. It is a new iPad mini 3- something that he’s been hinting at for awhile.

I gave him my original iPad several years ago, and he’s been using the fuck out of it ever since. He uses it to control his iTunes library and to play music throughout his house. He has his house wired for sound upstairs and downstairs and he takes his iPad and controls the music everywhere. He also surfs the net, plays words with friends, etc. He absolutely loves it.

But the old iPad was starting to have issues. It isn’t supported by software updates, and he was losing some connectivity to his music. He also can’t read books on it like he wants to because it’s a bit bulky.

So it was time for an upgrade, which inward happy to get him.

What I wasn’t anticipating was the 3+ hours of tech support required to get him set up and squared away.

He wanted to restore this new iPad from a backup of the old iPad– which isn’t really an issue. Except that his wifi is slow and we were restoring from the cloud. And all his apps were outdated and needed new versions.

And then there was looking at his computer, which is a PC. With old windows (like 2000) and he hadn’t updated iTunes for several iterations. And it kept faulting out when trying to access the iTunes Store.

And then there was one of his airport express units that was having issues and not being recognized by the computer.

And then there was dad not remembering any of his passwords for anything: facebook, words with friends, Twitter, etc.

And then there was dad not wanting to give his credit card info to iTunes which really put a crimp in trying to get him on iTunes Match (which he wanted because he’s paranoid about losing his music).

Needless to say, my Christmas Day was spent getting him as squared away as I could before driving back home.

P.S. He’s loving the new iPad and everything is working well so far.


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4 Responses to Tech Support

  1. Chip says:

    ::Good son::

  2. truthspew says:

    Your father sounds more tech savvy than mine. I gave up trying to help him many years ago. But then gave up speaking to him a few years back so that solves that.

    I have a 3rd gen iPod touch that I refuse to update. Why? Because a friend did it on their touch and it broke all dock connectivity. No thanks Apple. So now it’s become a music player/alarm clock.

  3. oy, nothing is ever simple, is it?

  4. Mark in DE says:

    You are a good son to help him with all that! I would have handed him the box and said “Good luck!” 😉

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