Christmas Recap

I went home for a few days at Xmas. It was ok.

I wasn’t feeling the best (actually feverish and chills) but I loaded up on ibuprofen and I braved driving home. On the way (at the midpoint of the drive) my “check engine” light came on.

It took me a bit to find out what the light meant — damn new fangled symbols– but it said engine performance was compromised and I was to drive with caution. If the light turned red, I was to pull over immediately and turn off the car.

Needless to say, the remainder of the drive was nerve wracking.

While driving I made an appointment with the MINI dealer in Des Moines. I made it there and after two hours I had good news and bad news: the fault was “low pressure at the fuel rail” but more of a nuisance (no engine issues). But they said to reset the code wasn’t possible with the time remaining and the earliest they could do it was ThAt Friday.

Which wouldn’t work.

But I could keep driving and just get it fixed in Minneapolis. Which would work.

But being slightly knowledgeable in cars (you can’t work in the field that I do and not acquire *some* basic skills) I started thinking that it might have something to do with my gas cap.

I mean, I filled up before I left and all was well. But after driving half way I had used up enough fuel that if the cap wasn’t sealed properly, it could be affecting the fuel delivery. Hence the low pressure.

So when I finally arrived at my father’s place, I turned off the car, unscrewed the cap and then put it back snugly.

Lo! The fault light disappeared and my car has been working fine ever since. Which begs the question:

Why the fuck didn’t they think of this in the service department? Were they just being lazy? Did they want to rack up some “warranty chargebacks”? I mean– FUCK.

Anyway, the rest of Christmas was uneventful. I got out of church on Xmas eve as I was feeling crappy. I met my dad’s new girlfriend. And mom and dad had decent Christmases.

More on dad’s later.


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8 Responses to Christmas Recap

  1. Chip says:

    Happy New Year, CB!

  2. will jay says:

    If you go to the auto parts store, you can buy a code reader for about $60 and clear the stored code too.

  3. truthspew says:

    Yeah – fuel injected systems depend on a tight seal. But Ford seems to have figured this out. Friend has a 2014 Fiesta Titanium – there’s no gas cap, just flap that pushes inward when you stick the gas nozzle in. Quite nice.

  4. Maik says:

    Code readers are cheap, of you can get a bluetooth one and an app on your smartphone.

    Check engine lights tell you if there is something wrong with something that will affect your emissions. Which includes the gas cap (first thing you should check if it goes off on you, really).

  5. Mark, née Fuzz says:

    I learned this the hard way with my first fuel injected vehicle. After taking the car to the dealer and having them sell me a new solenoid valve, plus labor, the issue did indeed turn out to be the gas cap. Apparently, I had “sucker” written all over my face.

  6. Mark in DE says:

    I’ve had the same results from tightening my gas cap. I think that should be the first thing one tries, like rebooting your computer when something isn’t working right.

  7. Chip says:

    Very helpful comments….I will remember this information.

  8. Rick says:

    Those check engine lights are like the low tire pressure lights. Annoying!

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