Ballet and Billy Elliot

I don’t know exactly what prompted me to think of Billy Elliot right before bed last night, but I did. I found myself walking around my condo while brushing my teeth and thinking of the dance teacher saying, “prepare….prepare…” And “Find a bloody spot on that bloody wall….” Or somesuch

Which then reminded me of Billy talking about how dance made him feel- like electricity. And then the scene when he gets his acceptance letter.

*niagara falls*

Anyway, this then made me replay adult Billy’s Swan Lake entrance, with his big, slo-mo grand jeté as all the company watched from the wings….

Very dramatic.

Which then reminded me of one of my favorite all time ballet moments that I saw in person.

In college (in Chicago) I got to go see the Joffrey Ballet perform, and man were they good! There were four distinct dances/styles presented- a very modern piece, a beautiful pas de deux set under water, and some more classical movement pieces. The finale was very classical, in traditional white tights and tutus with rousing orchestral music (very brassy, probably Russian).

Anyway, as the music built to the final moment, the corps de ballet was basically doing a moving “reverse curtain call” where the dancers were spinning and leaping and then exiting into the wings after their “moments” as the focus. It whittled down until only the prima ballerina was left on stage…

The final chord was crescendoing and she began running from one side of the stage (heading toward the opposite wings) and then leaped into the air and hit her grand jeté perfectly synchronized with the final monster hit of the orchestra, and the stage lights crashed to black….

And you never saw her land.

The last moment left in blazingly glory on your retinas is of her in perfect, unending heroic spit leap hovering in the air. The synergistic embodiment of physical movement and music.

Needless to say that it made such an impression on me that I remember it with utter clarity to this day.

Anyway- not sure why I was thinking about all that last night just before bed, but I was.


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2 Responses to Ballet and Billy Elliot

  1. Chip says:

    This is why I like your blog — you never know what you’re going to read about.

  2. jpinpdx says:

    A great post! I think more about ballet at this season (Nutcracker, maybe?) than other times, and just watched an episode of “Turn” starring Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), so your post makes sense to me, in an odd way. But, what an amazing finale! Understandable that it stuck with you.

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