Work is really being, well, work recently, and it’s getting me down.

After my promotion last year, things have just been spiraling more and more out of control. My boss keeps dumping off more things that should be his responsibility, and I’m left to manage.

As this year draws to a close, the work just keeps piling on. I have to finish addressing and closing out the audit non-conformities found at out other plant (mainly because the people there are proving incompetent). I am hosting/coordinating our management team review and trying to fix years of lackadaisical attitudes from upper management.

All while prepping for the new round of audits coming right after the first of the year. And addressing customer issues. And improving internal quality. And heading up two improvement teams. And being on an international materials committee.

And managing a staff of five to keep them on their targets while helping to support our manufacturing team.

All of this has left me so busy, it has not left me any time for “personal business continuing education”. What this boils down to is that I’m going to have to let one of my professional certifications lapse this year (certified quality engineer). I just don’t have time to take classes or attend lectures to get enough CEU’s to keep it.

After the hard work it took to achieve it, I’m finally just going to have to let it go. It was mostly just résumé fodder anyway. And I have “Quality Manager” on my res now so…..

It still sucks.

And being a boss sucks. Hell, being an adult sucks.


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3 Responses to Work

  1. fucking sux. you are only 1 person; your boss needs to move his sorry ass and do some damn work.

  2. Ron says:

    I feel your pain…I’m still covering for the person I was supposed to replace FIVE years ago! Evidently, it’s age discrimination to expect her to keep her word and retire when she said she would. In the meantime, I enjoy having a paycheck, so I just grin and bear it. I’ll agree — sucks to be an adult.

  3. Chip says:

    I too, feel your pain. When things suck, I keep reminding myself that work equals paycheck. I know your company’s PTO policy stinks, but I hope you got a great raise with your promotion. Extra $$$ lets you buy neat toys.

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