6 to 10 Inches?!??

And it ain’t even mah birthday!

Lord I wish this was a sex post, but it’s more a “fucking” post. As in we gonna get fucked.

And it has begun.

Winter 2014 has started in earnest today, with a lovely winter storm socking the upper Midwest. And yeah, the Twin Cities are right in the path.

It seems far too early for a snowstorm– I mean, it’s only November 10th! The trees still have leaves, fer cripes sake!

Naturally, because this is the first snow of the year and it’s fairly large, the hype has been— hyper. Snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, snownami, snowscape… Whatever. I decided to call it “Snowquake 2014” as that’s about the only one that hasn’t been used yet.

The prediction is for 6-10 inches. We already have over an inch, and it’s windy and damp outside. And the temps are at 29 and falling.

And on Friday they are predicting a polar vortex low of -3. Yeah, that’s a January temperature, not a November temperature.

This sucks. And foreshadows a long, miserable winter.

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6 Responses to 6 to 10 Inches?!??

  1. Symon says:

    is the DOT good about plowing the roads there? I lived in PA where they were amazing with keeping the roads open and also in IN where I don’t think they even owned a plow. It makes a huge difference!!! Good Luck!!

  2. Chip says:

    That sucks! (And to quote you, “Not in a good way”) — I do hope that the DOT is good about plowing — alas, it was a pleasant surprise to hear your voice this morning on a sucky Monday.

  3. oh my cats and dogs! waaaaaay too early for this shit!

  4. Mark in DE says:

    I feel for ya, man.

  5. Ben says:

    You are SO fucking cute. I swear you make my lowers go bonkers.

  6. OId Lurker says:

    It could be worse. You could live in Arizona.

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