First Rehearsal

Last night was the first rehearsal for OutLoud!– the small vocal ensemble in which I was selected to participate. Aaaaand? Phew! Fears allayed.


I was worried going on about what our repertoire would be (legit vs campy) and was wondering if we were going to have a big show in the spring like in years past. Plus I was wondering if I’d be nervous to sing with these guys.

Everything was good on all fronts. We got five pieces of music for the Christmas season and all of it was legit repertoire. We will be doing three of them on our upcoming Xmas concert, and all are decently challenging and cool. The piece “Some Children See Him” has some wonderful chord changes and textures– like serious “ooo, that was unexpected” moments!

And another piece (not really xmas) is just for our base repertoire and it’s called “Grace”. It uses the Amazing Grace text but the tune is a different famous piece. It’s fairly simple to start (unison), then second verse is in canon. Then the third verse gets very harmonically diverse with some good crunch chords. When we get it worked up, it will be quite lovely.

We also will NOT be doing a song and dance extravaganza show thingy this spring, so that’s good too.

And I wasn’t nervous around the guys at all. We just “sang” and it was all good. However, I do feel a bit like an interloper as at least 9 of the 12 are former OutLoud! members and they all know each other very well already. So I wonder how (or if) I’ll fit in. And I hope they don’t look at me like “he took our buddy so-and-so’s spot!”

Anyway– I see lots of music practice in my future.

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4 Responses to First Rehearsal

  1. Chip says:


  2. YAYZ!!!!! are there any cute ones in the group?

  3. Old Lurker says:


  4. NIFP says:

    Be a pushy bottom and force your way into that 9-guy clique! I’m sure they already appreciate the vocal talent you bring to the group. Glad that it seems to be working out for you, musically.

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