Audition News

Okay. As many have already read, I was selected to sing a “solo” of sorts in our upcoming gay chorus Xmas concert. (It’s a duet and trio actually). Which I’m both excited and excited about.

But last weekend I also auditioned for a position in one of the two small ensembles that are available in the chorus: the Chamber Singers and OutLoud!

The chamber singers is like a 20-30 voice ensemble, and OutLoud! is a 12-member select group. It was one audition, and on my audition card I selected the Chamber Singers, but also mentioned I would consider OutLoud as well. Depending on if either group wanted me or where they thought I might “fit”.


I was offered an invitation to sing in OutLoud! and I accepted it.

I’m really nervous about this. OutLoud! performs at every concert and also has their own show in the spring. Or has had their own show.

But this is a transition year where the previous director of OutLoud! has stepped down and a new guy was hired. So there is a big X-factor with regard to expectations, repertoire, etc.

Not to mention that I’ve never sung in such a small ensemble before. Everything will be so exposed!

And speaking of “exposed”, this group has a bit more “outness” to it. There isn’t any hiding or the relative anonymity of being in a large ensemble. So I’ll definitely more front and gay center.

Am I ready for this? Did I make the correct decision?

This is like drum corps all over again. Whenever I commit to a musical ensemble, I seem to go all the way with it and end up with all sorts of extra responsibilities.

What have I done??? I’m freaking out a bit here.

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3 Responses to Audition News

  1. Mark in DE says:

    Being a singer who has also sung in a number of choruses and smaller/select groups, I can tell you it is a BIG compliment to you that they feel you have the talent and personality to be in this group. A small group can be really great in that everyone respects each others’ talents and abilities, and some terrific friendships can result. You may be inspired and pushed to new heights… unless you’re a bass. (Ha ha – musical humor, sorta.) Congratulations and good luck!!

  2. be (out and) proud of your musical talent! congratulations! you may even meet a nice guy! 🙂

  3. Old Lurker says:

    Dude, you’ll do fine. If you find that OutLoud is too much to handle, then quit next season. But you have done fantastically in all your musical endeavours to date, and I am sure you’ll do fantastically here too.

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