An Arm and a Leg Later…

I am home.

This (as you read before) was my yearly Cedar Point weekend. And It was awesome. Great times, great friends, great weather, great roller coasters.

But with great fun come great financial responsibilities.

That motherfucker who set fire to the FAA control center in Chicago needs to die IN a fire. He nearly ruined my weekend and ended up costing me a small fortune.

My original flight (as you know) was completely buggered, and the rebooked itinerary wouldn’t have gotten me to Cleveland until much later on Saturday which would have dashed all plans. So I rebooked on delta, paid dearly, and made it to Cedar Point.

Where much merriment was had:





But as all good things do….

It was lunchtime on Saturday that the first whiff of trouble started. My original flight home from Cleveland was “altered” and I needed to call an agent.

30 minutes later, I was safely on my new United flights. All was good. Then, while waiting in line for the Millenium later that evening, I received a text. My new flight was cancelled.

So (while in line with coasters screaming past) I called a service agent and after much ado and 30 more minutes (mostly on hold) got new flights again.. This time with my connecting flight in Chicago on American Airlines.

And then an hour later I got another text– flight cancelled. Yet AGAIN!! And warning updates about Chicago still being all proper fucked and cancellations galore.

So I got on Delta and booked a return flight home. This one was not nearly as expensive as the flight out, but it wasn’t cheap by any means. But it was direct and avoided the goatfuck that is O’Hare.

So I made it home in good time on Sunday. In one piece and no worse for the wear. I have a gorgeous day here to unwind in, and I had a great weekend of fun and friends.

And in actuality, I had pretty decent luck when it came to finding alternate flights and smooth travel. I mean, what if my first flight was in the air or had made it to Chicago? I’d probably still be there trying to get home.

The only one that truly suffered here was my bank account.

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3 Responses to An Arm and a Leg Later…

  1. Raybob says:

    My husband’s sister DROVE home from Chicago to Tennessee. Which, granted, is only about 8 hours. But still.

  2. Mark in DE says:

    You were fortunate indeed to get the alternate flights, even if you did pay dearly for them. Glad your weekend was a big success!!

  3. blows goats it does. and I agree about the dude that set the fire!

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