The new iPhone.

Okay, so I’ve already stayed that I was less than awed by the new iPhones. They look nice and thin, and the screens are bigger. But other than that… Meh.

So I started intensely shopping around.

So far I’ve looked at the Galaxy S5, researched the Note 4 which is coming, looked at the LG G3, and the HTC metal-looking one. Oh, and researched the Sony Xperia one.

And I’m not wowed by them either.

I think my biggest issue is the “feel” of the other phones. Not to out too fine a point on it, they all feel cheap. Well, not the Sony, but the other ones. And I don’t like that.

That’s one of the things that Apple does really well: premium build quality. Overall, Apple products feel solid and well-built, while maintaining an elegance of design. Sure they may have fallen behind in some of the bells and whistles, but in overall quality I think they still outpace the field.

So if I were to switch phones, not only would I be incurring an integration headache with my decidedly Apple-centric life, but I would also sacrifice a sense of quality. And now that the 6 and 6 plus are “Samsung-sized”, the incentive to jump ship just isn’t there to the same degree.

(Caveat: I do like the Sony phones, but ATT doesn’t carry them!)

The long and short of it? I’ll be getting an iPhone. Which model will have to wait until I can get my hands on them in person. I’m leaning toward 6 plus though. I mean, why not explore the far side of size, since my beef with the 5 is the teeny tiny screen.


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4 Responses to The new iPhone.

  1. I’m with you. I’m sticking with my 5s until I can actually feel a 6 Plus in my hand and, more importantly, in my pants pocket.

    Fun post!

  2. Symon says:

    The HTC M8 is actually well built and does not have the cheap make that the new Samsung phones have (plastic). Oh, you can print out a template of the 6Plus just to get and idea of the size. Not as gaudy as the Note.

  3. Mark, née Fuzz says:

    Size queen in all regards! 😉

  4. Mark in DE says:

    The biggest deciding factor for me was Apple’s closed operating system. No viruses, no malware, no crap because users can’t access the operating system. Apple will compete with all the other bells and whistles in time, and they’ll be safe.

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