IPhone 6. Um… squeeee??

So earlier this week there was evidently some big announcement about a new iPhone. Oh, and an iWatch. Unfortunately I was busy with customers all day and missed most of the announcement. So far, after do stilling all the hype, my big take-away is:

It’s bigger.

Oh, and a bit thinner.

So now, after a couple years of Samsung and other suppliers offering phone displays larger than 4 inches, Apple finally managed to catch up.

The camera is basically the same. The screen resolution appears to be the same. The glass and aluminum design is basically the same. There’s a new processing chip– but why wouldn’t there be after a year plus of development. Who knows about battery life.

Nothing really life altering or even really creating much of a “wow” factor.

I guess there is this “iWallet” or “iPay” feature which will allow phone swipe to pay. Which android phones already had and which sounds like yet one more excellent opportunity for identity theft. It also sounds like it might have a slow start with retailers. Target has already come out saying they aren’t prepared to start accepting this apple payment method.

And where do I shop a lot of the time here in Minneapolis?? Yup– Target.

Yes I’m sure the phone will feel solid and substantial, with excellent build quality. And it will work with the elegant OS and user interface that Apple is known for. But where’s the wow?? Where’s the new??

I guess that’s my problem.

When Apple first introduced the iPhone– it was mind-blowing. Like when they introduced the first Mac or the iPod. Just… Boom. Life-altering. Of course it’s hard to keep inventing tech that is completely earth-shattering, but unfortunately we’ve come to expect it from Apple.

And this latest phone just had sort of a “we’re playing catch-up” vibe to it. I don’t want an Apple version of a Samsung product, I want an Apple product that one or two-ups everyone else.

What’s my incentive to remain with Ape and upgrade to the new tech? Other than the fact that I’m sure my iPhone 5 will start getting all glitchy in the next month or two.

And also because Apple has sucked me into all their other products (iMac, MacBook Air, iPad, iPod, time capsule, airports, etc.) so I need to maintain compatibility.


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6 Responses to IPhone 6. Um… squeeee??

  1. And as much as we like things big, I don’t really want to carry around a man purse to hold my damn phone. I kind of wish they had a 6 in the same size as the current 5s.

  2. I’m staying put for now with my 5s. It works just fine. I agree with every single thing you’ve said … it feels like they’re playing catch-up. I think I could see a bigger screen better but I’m not one to be the first to have a new gadget. I like to let somebody else be the guinea pigs.

  3. TiredMika says:

    I always updated with apple until the 5S. It was the same phone and I felt no big urge to pay $$$$ to upgrade. My 5 only has 32GB and I have used every wee bit of that and the 128GB Iphone6 makes me drool!! I never thought 5.5 inches of anything was something to get excited about, but who knew!!

  4. Symon says:

    Just pre-ordered 6+ for hubby and I. Over a grand for two phones with the upgrade price!! I must be old but I can remember when a cell phone did not cost as much or more than a mortgage payment.

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