I’m kind of getting tired of dealing with all the weather superlatives here.

“Coldest January on record”
“Coldest winter in 100 years”
“Second Snowiest Winter ever”
“Coldest Spring”
“Highest dew point in the northern hemisphere”
“Wettest June on record”
“Highest single day rainfall ever”

All this stuff seems to have happened since I moved to Minnesota. The second year I was up here we had all that snow that collapsed the Metrodome. When I was marching in 2011 we had a summer with dangerously high dew points. Last winter was so damn cold that it froze pipes that were well underground.

And this Spring has been so wet that our lakes are overflowing.

It’s a darn good thing that this “global warming” stuff is just a lot of bunk, otherwise this would be disturbing! Thank god the oil companies have shown is that this is just normal cyclical behavior.

To help get water down the Mississippi and to alleviate pressure, they’ve even opened both ends of the locks at St Anthony Falls:


I understand this is only the second time they’ve done this since the locks were built.

On the plus side, my balcony plants have never looked better. Pics of those tomorrow.


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6 Responses to Superlatives!

  1. Chip says:

    In New England, spring no longer exists. We jump right from winter into summer. Sad…..

  2. WHOA! the climate change deniers just keep their heads up their asses…

  3. Mark, née Fuzz says:

    Which is worse, the deniers, or that miserable twat Ann Coulter and her contention that “the earth is yours, take it, rape it?” But one can not deny the cb – Minneapolis link. You are evil and must be destroyed.

  4. truthspew says:

    Yeah New England is strange this year and I’m in southern New England. Last year the AC got put in the window in late March. This year I haven’t had to put it in yet, much to the chagrin of National Grid.

  5. wcs says:

    There are so many superlatives used that they have all lost their impact, so what do the weather/news/infotainment folks do? They pile on some more, of course. All I hear now is, “That was the coldest/hottest/longest/shortest/wettest/driest/biggest/smallest whatever since the last one.”

  6. Mark in DE says:

    I blame the 24-hour news and weather channels for all the over-use of superlatives.

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