New Ahrt

Part of the reason for my trip to Iowa this past weekend was to pick up some new artwork.

Somehow on Facebook I ended up following an old classmate of mine from high school who has an MFA and who still does quite a bit of art. Mostly oil/acrylic painting, but some mixed media stuff too.

Anyway, awhile back he posted a picture of a piece he’d finished called “Squid Laden” and I was instantly smitten.

It fit my requirements of being bold and edgy and whimsical and a bit provoking. Here is a pic of it:


It’s basically a colorful “under the sea” look that celebrates Osama Bin Laden’s body being unceremoniously dumped in the ocean after the Seals got him.

Here’s a closer shot:


He took that famous, older pic of Osama, inverted it, then gridded out the canvas and drew him in (turban and all). Then added the color and a squid for a beard.

The eyes evidently symbolize being vigilant against terror and/or just him always under gaze.

Here’s an inverted version:


I just think there are so many interesting choices made in the piece. And I love the riot of colors and symbolism and the fact that the subject of the work is probably the most reviled man in American history.

I guess Brad (the artist) tried to enter “Squid Laden” into a few different competitions but wasn’t accepted– the panels thought the piece was too… Whatever.

I think they’re missing the point of art in general. I think art is supposed to provoke an emotional response.

Anyway, it was interesting to catch up with Brad and find out about his process, etc. he’s definitely an “artist type” so he’s a bit quirky. But nice as hell.

And now I really can’t buy any more art. I don’t have enough wall space to support this habit of mine.

Curse you, open concept loft space!


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3 Responses to New Ahrt

  1. love it! looks good under the bar!

  2. Old Lurker says:

    So this is why people buy houses in suburbia.

    • cbCb says:

      I know, right? You can either live in the city and be vibrant and colorful, or live in the suburbs and be…


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