So I got drunk with my mom on Saturday evening.

Wait. Let me back up.

I went down to Iowa this past weekend to visit the folks and to pick up some art from a former high school classmate of mine. More on the art tomorrow.

But when I arrived, mom had a little surprise for me.

“Our day is going to be a bit busy,” she informed me. “We have two high school graduation parties to attend.”

High school graduation parties? People still do this?? And for whom???

It turns out, two of my best friends that I had from age 3 to junior high (Tommy and Amy) now have kids that are graduating.

God I’m getting old.

Anyway, so we headed to Amy’s first, where I saw her for the first time in god knows how many years. And saw her first born getting set for college.

We talked and reminisced and marveled at how old we’re getting. And naturally everyone was surprised that I was down visiting and had come along. (All the moms of my friends had to get hugs from me, all the dads got hearty handshakes.)

Then mom and I were off to pick up the art from a guy with whom I graduated high school. Which became a second reunion and we chatted about high school days and some of the people we had in common. (Again, more on this encounter tomorrow).

And then It was off to Tommy’s for his kids graduation party. And this is where mom and I got drunk.

Tommy knows how to throw a shindig. And since it was a gorgeous day, everyone was wanting to sit around outside and drink. (Mostly intensely strong margaritas).

Tommy’s secret to a good party? Start with booze, then add more booze!

Tommy’s twin sisters made the trip for this event. These are girls who were part of the “neighborhood kids”, who babysat me back in the day, and whom I haven’t seen in about 20 years. It was interesting to get caught up with them on their respective lives.

But the really crazy thing about Tommy’s party though, was the number of “other” classmates of ours that were there to pay homage.

I ran into five other people from my graduating class– and talked about countless more. A girl who died (had no idea). A girl who’s now a lesbian (really had no idea!!)

And surprise of surprises– I actually had a good time at this mini reunion.

I’ve pretty much avoided my home town and all things related to my high school experience for… Well… Since graduation. (Which ironically was exactly 27 years ago this past weekend). I didn’t let the door hit me in the ass as I rushed toward a clean start, and I’ve really never looked back.

Until now.

I forget that time is the great equalizer and that people do sometimes change. In my mind, all these people are frozen in high school form, but then when I see them as they exist now….

Well, it was interesting to say the least. And unsettling. And eye opening.

And, dare I say, FUN?

So I reminisced a bit. And laughed a lot. And got fairly shitfaced. I think it was that last Moscow Mule that really kicked my ass.

All while my mother did the same thing Tommy’s parents, and other older folk that were in attendance.

What an unexpected turn of events, huh? It was definitely not the weekend I was anticipating when I set out Saturday morning.

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3 Responses to Reunions.

  1. Yay for alcohol, the truly great equalizer. 😉

  2. Chip says:

    Sounds like a fun time.

  3. high school graduation: 42 years ago. college graduation: 38 years ago. have not been to a reunion for either one. I don’t give a flying fat fuck how those assholes turned out/what they are doing now/etc. that was then, this is now, and no amount of booze will ever make it right. but that’s just me.

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