Dreaming of Chagall

I had a fairly intense dream about a Chagall painting last night.

I rather like Chagall– the colors, the whimsy, the ethereal dreamlike quality. And I am especially fixated on one piece in particular:

The Circus Rider.


As I’ve blogged before, much of my “art appreciation” came from playing the board game Masterpiece as a child. All the pieces were from the Art Institute in Chicago, and I came to know each and every one.

During my first pilgrimage to the Institute, I managed to track down every piece featured in the game, save one. The Chagall.

And this painting had managed to elude me every time I’ve visited. And when I search online it says “no on display”.


Anyway, I had a dream about seeing it in person last night. In my dream, I was in an art storage room at the Art Institute, and a curator took me to see it.

As I recall, it was much much larger than I thought it was– like life sized. And in this absolutely HUGE wooden frame, which I found completely unnecessary.

I do remember the colors being so much more vibrant in real life, too. Especially the coral color of the horse.

Anyway, I woke up feeling cheated because I knew this was just a dream and the real painting still haunts me.

Maybe someday I’ll see it for realzies.


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3 Responses to Dreaming of Chagall

  1. sounds like an interesting board game. I’ll admit I was inside the AIoC once for a too-brief session; I would LOVE to return and spend the day there.

  2. NIFP says:

    Is there perhaps a provenance issue? I’m thinking war crimes might be a concern.

  3. bearhunterfl says:

    Even before I made it to the 3rd paragraph of this post I thought “I remember this from the game “Masterpiece”. Like you, I got a subconscious education in Art from that game LOL.

    I think its very cool that you went on a mission to find all the paintings from that game. 🙂

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