Two in the pink…

I have pink eye.

This is all rather new for me as I don’t think I’ve ever had pink eye before. I don’t recall having it as a child, and certainly not as an adult.

Did I get this courtesy of my Canadian adventure? Or perhaps my gym this weekend? Could be from anywhere.

Regardless, I am fairly miserable right now. And so hideous! Christ, I look like a fatter Bob Costas!

It started Sunday evening. It felt like I suddenly got a hair (or eyelash or piece of grit) in my left eye. I tried rinsing it and I couldn’t see anything in there, so I just went to bed.

Damn seasonal allergies, right?


When I woke up Monday morning, it looked like I’d been in an octagon with Chuck Liddell. I was puffy and my eye was nearly swollen shut.

I suffered through the day until a doctor’s appointment at 2 pm. Where they informed me I had pink eye and there was nothing they could do. (I guess it looked like typical viral pink eye and antibiotics and drops won’t touch that stuff so….)

I was sent away like a leper and told that I would just need to tough it out. But to also keep an eye (ha!) on it for signs of advanced infection.


So, yeah. Here I sit with eyes full of pink eye. You ever get pink eye in your eyes, Gabriel?


The good news is that my left eye is feeling much better today. The bad news is that my right eye today feels like my left did yesterday. Fuck.

This sure is a big one “in the stink”. And not the good kind.

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6 Responses to Two in the pink…

  1. justajeepguy says:

    It usually feels like sand in your eye. Make sure you was anything your eyes have touched like sheets, pillowcases, shirts, towels, makeup, eye drop bottles, moisturizers if you put fingers in it. You risk reinfecting yourself (over and over) if you don’t.

    Just before 9/11, I contracted Viral conjunctivitis – I wasn’t permitted in public for 4 days! It is airborne. The example the doc gave me was that if a person who has gets out of the elevator as you get in, you’d probably get it.

  2. truthspew says:

    Holy crap! Never had it. But then from about early March to through into late June I’m on allergy meds and drops.

  3. had it as a child; highly contagious. stay home with miss phoebe, but don’t give it to her!

  4. Chip says:

    If you’re working I’m surprised, usually companies require you to stay home if you have pinkeye. It’s incredibly contagious.
    See what happens when you play at Steamworks?

  5. Dustin says:

    I’ve had it and always been given antibiotics for it. If you start getting crusty gunk go back and make them give you medicated drops.

  6. Rock in Sunny FL says:

    There is a really good homeopathic product available in most major pharmacies by Similisan (no affiliation w/said product or company). It worked well to relieve the irritation and discomfort. Worth a try!

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