End of Days??

In case you have been living under a rock, there was a special celestial event last night: a total lunar eclipse.

And I woke up for it.

Although it’s the “how” I woke up for it that was a little bizarre. Miss Phoebe actually woke me up.

Right at 2:58 am.

Which just so happened to be the precise moment of totality for this eclipse.

** ooooo-weeeeee-oooooo **

Bizarre, right?

I had actually set my iPad alarm for 3 am, but was awoken by Phoebe meowing and pawing at my blinds. Her racket woke me up, so I groggily reached for the iPad to check the time.

I saw it turn to 2:59. Freeee-keeeee. So I got up, tossed on some sweat pants, and ventured out on my balcony where I had a first class view of the eclipse.

It was a brilliantly clear night here in Minnesota, and so quiet at 3 am! The moon was definitely a dusky orange-red. And shadowy. And there were a couple bright stars (probably planets) nearby.

It was pretty cool.

I tried to take a picture with my iPhone; this was the best I could do:


Now I kinda wish I had the forethought to charge the battery for my good camera. Or take some pics of the wispy cirrus clouds that were orange-colored.

Still, it was neat to see. And who knows if it will be as clear for the next ones?

Did anyone else wake up for the eclipse?

PS- two of my coworkers also saw the eclipse because their dogs woke them up to go outside. Curiouser and curiouser….;


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2 Responses to End of Days??

  1. NIFP says:

    My cats never freaked like that for a lunar eclipse, altho they did go wild for solar ones (even partial). Also earthquakes. They were my early warning system (by about 30 seconds) when I lived on the Best Coast, so I paid attention when they woke us up in the Mid-West for a baby quake. Maybe they did the same for lunar eclipsi, but I slept through it or wasn’t there due to work (and my partner can sleep through almost anything, so he wouldn’t have known).

  2. Northwest Ohio Native says:

    If it makes you feel any better we couldn’t see the moon in Ohio because it was snowing (3″).

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