Choral update

So I’m freaking out a wee bit.

As I’ve probably mentioned, I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to music. I need to be perfect in my performance– which makes me work really really hard. But it can also paralyze me if I fuck up.

Anyway, part of the deal with being in the gay choir means you have to memorize all the music. This normally wouldn’t faze me much; I tend to memorize music quickly.

But this is like 2 hours of music. And all quite different. And not very repetitive. And some of it is quite hard. And quite… wordy.

And while I have most of the music fully memorized at this point, there are two pieces that I just don’t have yet from a text standpoint. And there is one mixed meter piece that is just a royal bitch to count and to find your entrances in.

Hence the nerves.

We do have an all day rehearsal this Saturday, which should help solidify some of the pieces a bit more.

I just hope we don’t suck in our big concert.

P.S. I was asked to sing in a small chamber choir preview/fundraiser concert in two weeks time. So I must be doing something right.


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3 Responses to Choral update

  1. Chip says:

    Wow. So many choral groups perform with members holding black notebooks with all of their music….

  2. congrats on being selected for the fundraiser! you will ace it!

  3. NIFP says:

    You must be doing something right! Nerves are horrible; can you talk to anyone in the choir about it? Don’t know if that would help. Just thought I’d mention it.

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