Taking the “fun” out of “Refund”

This weekend my back was not feeling ambitious enough for Boot Camp– so I did my taxes instead. Super fun, I know.

But at least they are a complete breeze with online TurboTax! I mean, it’s not like my taxes are super complex anyway. I’m a homeowner with a regular job and some charitable donations. That’s about it. No bizarre foreign investments or kids or education crap to account for.

Pretty straightforward. And fast!. I think I cranked out both federal and state in a bit over an hour. And that was with double checking for deductions and finding all my reported income, etc.


I get a refund. From both. But this is pretty standard for me and I plan for this little boost each year. Normally it all goes right into rainy day savings.

Except this year.

I was out shopping with Kyle on Saturday and bought a new mattress. And it was not cheap. Oh no.

My current mattress had been needing replacement for awhile. I think it was too soft when I bought it initially and I have come to hate it with time. I don’t get good sleep on it (tossing and turning and waking up a lot), and my back is generally always a bit messed up.

Plus, I probably don’t even need to mention the amount of “punishment” it’s taken over the years. The darn thing is just plum wore OUT!

So. I’d done research online, checked reviews, and then tried out several different styles. Everything from IKEA to Sleep Number. And what I settled on was a Sealy iComfort series.

It’s basically like a tempurpedic mattress, but with cooling gel so it sleeps less hot. When I lay on this mattress it was like “Oh…. I don’t want to move… Ever again.”

I hope this feeling continues once I get it home.

I did get a decent deal on it– no box spring and the sales guy added an additional incentive that wasn’t originally supposed to apply. So I feel okay about it, even though it’s still a shit ton of moola for just a mattress!

And as preparation, I got 1/2 plywood as a platform on top of my support slats in my platform bed. All systems are a ‘go’ for delivery on Thursday!


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3 Responses to Taking the “fun” out of “Refund”

  1. John says:

    Actually Serta makes iComfort 🙂 And they’re wonderful! The mark-up on mattresses must be – – 400% ? I got a “free” pillow with mine. Best sleep ever. Pleasant dreams.

  2. Girl Tuesday says:

    Soooooooo……… are you loving it?

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