Daleks! Daleks! Daleks!

Let’s just start off by saying I would not consider myself a “Doctor Who” fan. At all. If anything, I preferred Torchwood (a clever anagram) with it’s hot, gay dude.

Sure, I know of the Doctor series. And I know a bit the jargon (Tardis, sonic screwdriver, etc). And I remember it from back in the day on PBS.

That’s probably why I’m not a fan.

I think seeing some early, poor production value, Doctor Who episodes back in the 70’s kind if scarred me. And scared me. I mean, the Doctor was creepy and so was that damn music.

And so I mostly avoided the series, other than to shore up my pop cultural knowledge, of course.

But, okay. The Daleks. My god, The Daleks!



I have watched a few episodes of the “new” Who, and while I like them, the show hasn’t quite made my DVR yet. And in all my Who watching, I had actually never seen an episode with the Daleks.

Sure, I knew they were these robot thingies with marquee lighting. But that was it. And how could they be creepier than, say, The Silence? Now those guys are like fucked up clown creepy!

But then last night I saw a Dalek episode while I was vegging out to BBC America.

Oooooo, gurl!

It’s the voice! The shouting, distorted, warbly Dalek voice that is just fucked up! It totally ratchets up these almost-laughable, clunky machines with toilet plunger arms to full on nightmare status.

I may be a Dalek fan now.


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5 Responses to Daleks! Daleks! Daleks!

  1. You’re turning into a geek. Next you’ll be asking me about manga and sci fi movies. Welcome to the dark side…

  2. Dirk says:

    I too avoided the new Who because of my memories of the 70s version but The Fella has gotten me hooked — it’s crazy fun (and those Daleks are creepy as hell).

  3. I’ve got every episode ever released from 1963 to current. I’m that big a dork.

  4. NIFP says:

    Personally, I think the Family of Blood is creepiest. Silence is right up there. This is a debate that Whovians could respond to forever. Daleks are certainly evil and scary, and are the primary bad guys. You should see what they look like inside those robo-casings! Don’t let the old Who episodes turn you off. The re-boot is pretty much all I know (and I get crap about it; why turn people off just because we’re new?) and still I really like it. You might like the Cybermen as villians, if you give it a chance. However, I understand it’s not for everyone. Good for you as far as trying something new!

    That voice is what you hear in various dance mixes of the theme song. “Doctorin’ the Tardis” by the KLF comes to mind. Exterminate!

    Just give it a chance. You might like it.

  5. Helen says:

    The time the Daleks swept over Westminster bridge creeped me out as a child; they’ve always been frightening and yet fun

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