Not “Tatooine”.

I think it’s high time I got my 3rd tattoo. Having only two just feels– unbalanced. Plus after seeing David Simmer’s post on FB, and because kyle gets new ink like every week… It’s time.

Plus, winter is a good time to do it because you aren’t risking sun exposure and you aren’t swimming in pools, etc. So, I’ve revamped my focus.

The problem is– where to get it?

I have one on my left shoulder and one on my right calf/lower leg. These areas are easily covered in my work environment. I was thinking my third might go between my shoulder blades, with just a hint sticking up above the collar. Soooo rebellious, I know!

But if it’s on my back, I’ll never see it. And I don’t like that idea. So then where to put it? It has to be someplace that won’t sag over time, but is preferably visible to me, and isn’t white trashy….

So I really wants to ink my right forearm.

It’s a good location for what I’m thinking, and I’d see it. But so would everyone else during the summer months.

Why do I care so much what work thinks? Well– I do and I don’t. I mean, most of me wants to say “fuck you, it’s my body!” And I like the idea of being all “you don’t control me with your conservative views” to the republican establishment at work.

But I also don’t want to have to look for another job anytime soon.

That being said, I could still cover the ink with long sleeves, even when pushed up a bit.

I’m leaning toward an Arabic zoomorphic calligraphy design such as:



I want to have it on my arm, like so:


It goes with my current “text as ink” designs , and I find Arabic calligraphy to be very beautiful. It’s sorta tribal, but not. And I’ve been thinking if getting one of these Persian lions for several years now.

I also have an alternate idea though, for an otter:


It’s more Native American totem in design, but I have a great affinity for the creatures and when I’m in water, I play like they do.

So… Any thoughts from the crowd on this one?

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18 Responses to Tattooing

  1. I like the otter. and yeah, you don’t want to have to look for another job; no one wants to hire people our age anyway.

  2. Chip says:

    Not a fan of tattoos, but good luck with your choice.

  3. Mark says:

    the otter would look better on the forearm, the lion would be cool on the left pec maybe? i always thought tattoos looked a little trashy anywhere on the back (not in a good way) i never had the body for a tatto, but always loved them on others….. scars have the same effect for me, there is always a story to go with them. i have a thing for small imperfections on a man….. just my opinion…

  4. Girl Tuesday says:

    ” I have a thing for small imperfections on a man…” Mark that is such a sexy thing to say – mmmm.
    I have to go against the tide, and say that I like both of the lion pics – the second one a wee bit more than the first. I think your fore arm will look very sexy with that. and I think it is a very politically neutral design – I don’t think you’d offend anyone with that.

  5. Mark in DE says:

    A little ink goes a long way for me. Its just not my thing, but I’m sure you’ll think it through thoroughly and make the right decision for you.

  6. I’m partial to the second calligraphy lion more than the first. Something about the feet on the first one is a little off.

    Although I wonder if there’s a calligraphy otter out there somewhere?

  7. JimA says:

    I’m with Erik… I like the 2nd lion better than the 1st. I like the forearm but would go a bit smaller in the design if it were me.

    Go for it… I’m sure we’ll see pics later!

  8. Partick says:

    I think you know how I feel about tats. Moving forward…The first one is very lucky kitty ala Asian restaurant. The second is better, but I advise against the forearm. It will look like it landed on its head and broke its neck when your arm is by your side. Better to have it on your chest or somewhere else where it can be displayed horizontally. Also… Are you sure you know what the calligraphy means? I’d hate for it to say “disembowel the American devil,” or ” I like balls of yarn.” That would just be unfortunate.

    The otter is pretty but do you really want a big blue spot on your body? Think bruise.

    Doubt is a good thing to have. But then again…

  9. Tony says:

    The otter one looks like aa squirting penis and will look more so over time. Think carefully about it. I must be the only gay man in my age group without a tattoo.

    • cb says:

      I thought the subtle nod to a phallic symbol was sexy!

      • Chris says:

        Lol! The otter in some cultures is considered the totem animal for those born under the Aquarius sun sign. Phallic or not – I like this particular one. It’s more feminine than the native american designs I’ve found and I’m a girl so that’s nice. Otter symbols/designs are hard to find. I might steal this one for myself – hope you don’t mind.

  10. DennyNYC says:

    Are you sure that’s an otter? Looks like an overhead view of a panther. Don’t know how that’s gonna translate/be perceived as ink on your arm.
    As for the lion – I prefer the 1st one. It appears more straight forward. I’m thinking you would better be able to see it and enjoy it on the OUTside (or top) of your forearm. Think of how an arm bends most frequently and most naturally.
    That said, I must admit I am not a fan of tattoos. .One is cool, but then they tend to morph into body clutter. It’s kinda like wearing an item of apparel that you can never, never, never take off.

  11. Dirk says:

    I’m not a fan of tattoos so I’d save my money and put it towards a new painting or a trip instead.

  12. What does the writing on the lions say? Or is it meaningless? You don’t want to end up with a couscous restaurant order…
    I like the otter

  13. NIFP says:

    Ooohhh … me likey the lions! And as a cat person, there is some resonance for you. But I have to agree with the previous posters about it looking better horizontally. If you are set on the forearm, I prefer the otter. Looks cool, like he is swimming down your arm, and again there is personal resonance for you. Also reminds me of “The Finder,” one of my fave Ursula K. Le Guin short stories. I think you are right about avoiding sagging areas. I was a nurse for years and saw way too many bad ones in bad places. Can you imagine what the poor nurses and CNA’s are going to have to deal with in 20-40 years? I have a tatt on my right hip, where my Apollo’s belt is most lateral. It’s basically the cover of the book Hannibal. It snakes down my lateral thigh a bit and the head is kind of high, so it peeks out of swim trunks. Gets a lot of attention! Yes, I know my thigh may eventually get saggy. Do as I say and not as I do! Anyway, I think scapula (shoulder blade) for the lion, forearm for the otter. Why stop at one? And go to Our-Kansas and let Erik do it for you!

  14. Love the Haida Otter and *love* the Persian calligraphy! Beautiful.

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