OMFG, My Arms.

This past Saturday I participated in the “Boot Camp” workout at my gym. And now I can’t move my arms.

This is the most sore I have ever been in my life. My lower body and abs are just “good” sore– like when you know you had a really good workout. But my arms and back?


I literally cannot straighten my arms; my biceps are so tight my arms are bent at the elbow. The same goes for my triceps and lats and … Well basically everything north of the nipples.

It feels like Bing Crosby beat me with a pillowcase full of Valencia oranges.

Some of the workout gems included:

– Running 5 flights of stairs twice, then doing 10 pull-ups. And then repeating this 5 times.

– Wall Walks and Mountain Climbers

– sit ups and leg lifts

– doing multiple sets of “up downs” while balancing on one of those half physio balls

– lunges across the floor while carrying said physio ball thing

– leap frogs with physio ball thing

– Push-ups with hands balanced on wheelie boards

I am pretty sure it was the “up downs” that fucked up my arms.

I’ve been taking ibuprofen and trying to do gravity stretches in an attempt to unkink everything. So far I’m still a crippled mess. But supposedly day 2 is the worst and it gets better from here.

I hope so. Because I’m finding it difficult to do simple things– like shave. Or eat. Or put on socks.

Or wipe.

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6 Responses to OMFG, My Arms.

  1. Girl Tuesday says:

    Yea, day 2 is always worse. Go to the gym and sit in the jacuzzi.

  2. overdid it. back off for a few days.

  3. I told you, wait till you try and sit down on the terlet the next morning!

    Be thankful, you didn’t have to do Burpees! I threw up after them once with my trainer! All over the floor in the middle of the gym for all to watch . . . .

  4. truthspew says:

    Stretching is critical to avoid this. In the future an aerobic warm up followed by stretching and then after the workout stretching again.

  5. Mark in DE says:

    See, this is why I don’t work out anymore. I’m terrified of sports-related injuries. 😉

    Hope you feel unkinked soon.

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