We had a “new members reception and mixer” after choir last night. It was really a nice little event, albeit rather late on a school night for me.

There was food and some refreshing beverages and conversation, as well as a chance to get to know many of the current members. So it was well worth attending- even if I didn’t get home until close to 11.

I will say this– the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus has done an exceptional job with the whole “new member” process. The communication and information distribution has been excellent, and they really put forth an effort in making newcomers feel welcome and comfortable.

I mean, it’s little things like having all the current members wear official name tags at every rehearsal and having them actually make an effort to introduce themselves.

Or having an orientation meeting where they give you a premade binder of rules, schedules and expectations along with a premade binder of all your music, thereby saving you the trouble of finding binders and printing everything out.

And having easy website links and email groups for getting rehearsal notes and music and recordings. And having picture handouts of exactly the type of tux requirements.

They also have a “buddy system” where each new member is assigned a vet. The vet contacts you immediately and shares all their contact info so you can use them as a resource and guide for any random questions.

There is also buddy dinner scheduled along with other social events throughout the rehearsal period.

After being in Minnesota Brass, where new members are basically thrown into the deep end and expected to sink or swim on their own, it certainly is refreshing to see a large group navigate the new membership challenge well.

So, I guess I’m saying so far, so good. I think I’ve chosen wisely in this new endeavor.

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3 Responses to Reception

  1. organization and being prepared are traits EVERY group should have. sounds like this group has its “ducks in a row” so to speak.

  2. Cubby says:

    Get hazed yet?

  3. dbb says:

    Ah but has it come at the expense of the lil bastard comix?!?!? I miss the snarky wit each week. Please bring them back?

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