Less than half…

Okay, so I (we) had our first informational meeting for the choir last night. It was sort of “new member orientation”– all the crap you need to know.

During this meeting, the director congratulated us on being selected and mentioned that just because we auditioned it wasn’t an automatic bid. There were auditioners that were not selected.

Eight to be exact.

Seven of us made it.

Most auditions happen in the fall where 30 or more will try out; winter auditions are always lighter.

Still– if I would have known that they were fairly selective, I would have been even more nervous!

Now I just have to focus on being “rookie of the year” (not like they have such a thing, but…). Since I’m doing this, I’m going 100%. I need to have all my music memorized early, have perfect attendance, volunteer to help with things like chairs, etc.

And not crying during the concert would also be a plus.

There are parts of this Harvey Milk piece that are just so goddamn powerful and moving. And beautiful. And gut wrenchingly emotional. The perfect synergy of music and text, which completely embodies why I do music to begin with.

The movement “a decent society” talks of how society is supportive and uplifting and can-do sprites. Which is then immediately juxtaposed with the movement “sticks and stones” which contains a litany of anti-gay slurs mixed in with racial epithets.

And there’s this moment where the choir starts singing “faggot” over and over and over again, adding voices and crescendoing with the orchestra to a moment where it breaks into pure Acapella singing “Nancy Boy!” At the top of their lungs and the way the chords hit and melt and modulate and build to a defiant major chord “Ahhhhhh!” is like a gutpunch to your soul.

I cry every time I hear it. I’m crying as I type this because I hear it in my head.

Yeah, I needed a new musical outlet– I think I’ll be glad I’m doing this.

P.S. The premier recording of the piece with the San Francisco chorus is on iTunes. You know, in case you wanted to hear it.

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4 Responses to Less than half…

  1. Chip says:

    This post “cements” it. We’re officially engaged. 😉

    Seriously, a remarkable post.

  2. Girl Tuesday says:

    I don’t know, CB. In this case, crying during the concert might be a plus………..

  3. Jeremy says:

    What’s that line from Fried Green Tomatoes? “You git yourself some hormones!”

    Actually, the way you described the song got me a little choked up, too. I’m sure you won’t be the first or last to get a little weepy during the rehearsals.

  4. Mark in DE says:

    Wow, I’m so excited for you that you are doing something different (singing) and that you are so responsive to the musical selections. Good for you!

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