Things always seem to break at the least opportune time.

Like how my shower handle broke on Sunday. As I was getting ready for my band concert.

The handle had been a bit wonky since the condo association had to do work to replace some cartridge (?) mechanism in the showers. All I know is that after that work, the handle turned harder and the center cap thingy was loose.

Anyway, fast forward to this Sunday and suddenly the handle won’t work to turn off the shower. It is not catching and the water won’t turn off. It took me a panicked 10 minutes of hunting for tools (that didn’t work) and then futzing around with the handle to get it to turn off.

During my running around I discovered something: I have no idea where water shutoff valves are. I mean, for the sinks I do– but what about main water for the unit which supplies the shower? Dishwasher?

Anyway, now I can’t turn the shower on for fear of not being able to turn off the faucet again. And I had a concert to get to– and this happens on a Sunday.

So I put in a maintenance order in with the condo– and depending on if this is related to the previous work or not, I may be stuck with the bill.

Oh, and they can’t get anyone there to fix it until Tuesday afternoon at the earliest– and I fly out on business Wednesday.

A great way to start a Monday.

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5 Responses to Breaky-Breaky

  1. truthspew says:

    They probably stripped the thing when they did the work. I’d make a stink and make them pay for it.

  2. I second truthspew; if it worked fine before they fucked with it…

    where are you headed (heh) on your trip?

  3. Adam F. says:

    You probably thought that you got rid of those sorts of problems when you sold me your house.

  4. Mark in DE says:

    Its a hard thing to prove, whether the issue was related to the “maintenance” or simply a long-brewing issue. Good luck with it! Hope it doesn’t cost you anything other than inconvenience. At least you have a valid reason to take all your showers at the gym. 😉

  5. Have you figured out where your water shut-off valves are yet?

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