Do you remember “Micronauts”?

They were these plastic, transparent robot guys with cool accessories. And there sweet spacecrafts and domed buildings, etc.


I always tend to forget that I went through a Micronauts phase around 5th-6th grades. This would have been around 1979-1980 ish. My toy mainstays were always Legos and matchbox cars, but for awhile I was all about the Micronauts.


I remember I just had to have the one pictured above. I did chores around the house– including digging up ALL the dandelions in the yard in order to earn money so I could buy him.

I think I was attracted to the blue metallic shininess.

Anyway, I remember that one Christmas I got the Battle Cruiser! It was 8 toys in one for Pete’s sake! The wings turned into hand guns that shot these red, hard foam tipped dart-missles.


Now that was a good Christmas.

I also had quite a few micronaut building sets (which came from a garage sale, I believe). These were like the fetal alcohol syndrome child of Legos and an erector set. Basically Micronauts took the worst features of both to make an 80’s style build-yer-own-damn toy.

There were orange girders, purple domes, and white, perforated plastic triangles, squares and octagons that you had to assemble with flimsy grey snap connectors:


It took some ingenuity and planning to actually construct useable things and your fingertips would hurt for hours from all the snapping and unsnapping. But man could you build some fun shit! Undersea labs, space ships, futuristic cities…

I had fun playing in the Micronaut world for a couple years, until I “got too old” for them and they ended up relegated to the bottom of a toy chest in the basement.

I have no idea what triggered my memory of them last night.


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4 Responses to Micronauts.

  1. Dirk says:

    Remember Micronauts?

    I still have some of mine as well as the original run of The Micronauts comic book by Marvel.

  2. Dustin says:

    I probably have some in a box somewhere in my mothers basement lol. Totally remember the guy with the fan blade wings!

  3. bearhunterfl says:

    Wow…..this is a blast from the past….my little bro had a bunch of these toys.

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