I have a problem. I like “accessories” and have trouble saying no to them. Shoes, belts, messenger bags, watches… And since the LASIK? Sunglasses. All are things I don’t really need yet find myself buying.

But I do have limits. Even if I see something I simply cannot live without, I will do exactly that if the price does not please me. Evidently my “instant gratification” self takes a back seat to my “frugal self”. And somewhere lodged in the recesses of my skull is a value calculator that will put the brakes on a purchase if it doesn’t pass muster.

Case in point– this past weekend Kyle and I were putzing around the outlets and I made him go in a Sunglasses Hut. Where I found a pair of Oakleys that I quite liked.

They were $200.


That’s ridiculous! For a pair of basically plastic, douchebag sunglasses? Hell to the naw! But damn, they looked good.

It was definitely hard to put them down and walk away. But not before I todo down the name of the style.

Which I then proceeded to type into the eBay search window.

Lo and behold– there were like 60 auctions for this very same style pair. Many had the wrong lens color or scratches, but some were exactly what I was looking for. Most for 1/2 the retail cost.

And one used pair for 60 bucks.

“Now that’s more like it,” said my internal valu-nator.

Click. Buy. PayPal. Ship. Done.

Okay, I know that 60 bucks is still a bit exorbitant for sunglasses. But they are cool. And polarized. And iridium coated. And did I mention cool? Plus I got the illusion of getting a bargain.

They should be here in a couple days. At which point I will have a new, cool pair of sunglasses for driving and tooling around. Emphasis on the “tool” part– they *are* Oakleys after all.

I’ll model them for y’all as soon as they arrive.


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4 Responses to Accessorizing

  1. Mark in DE says:

    I used to get my sunglasses at the Dollar Store, and nobody could tell. They were stylish and the price was certainly right! But because they were just a dollar, many of them did not last. So what?? I’d simply replace them with another pair for a dollar. But then the store must have changed suppliers because they no longer had cool, stylish looking glasses. Sad… I was forced to pay the exhorbidant price of $12 for my last pair of mirrored aviators.

  2. oakley has recently been buying some testing equipment from the company where I work. my pair of sunglasses cost me $10 in walgreens.

  3. JimA says:

    I break or lose sunglasses too often…. so I only buy them if they’re around $15 or less

  4. Rick says:

    You do pamper yourself. But hey, if you don’t who will?

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