Mother Ducking iPhone.

I’ve been having mucho issues with my iPhone recently– mostly having to do with piss poor battery life.

I’m having to charge my phone at least twice a day in order to use it. I’ll be down to 23% battery life by lunchtime. Heck, I’m currently at 93% and all I’ve done so far is rearrange some icons, set wallpaper pics, and started typing this post!!

I’ve been scouring the inter webs and reading forums about iPhone battery life and what to do to improve it. So far I’ve rebooted my phone, and done two complete restores (one from a backup and one as a completely new phone setup– aka nuclear option).

I have also gone through numerous settings and turned off the following:

– parallax feature
– Siri raise to speak
– Bluetooth
– airdrop
– almost all location services
– almost all system services
– no passbook
– no photo streaming
– no Safari iCloud crap
– no auto app updates
– no music equalizer

And I’m sure there are some other things I’ve disabled as we’ll, all in the quest for better battery life. All to no avail– so far.

(My battery is now down to 88% and all I’ve done is type this and send my dad two text messages).

I realize it could actually be a bad battery, but before I go a battery replacement route, I was hoping to try everything else. Perhaps it’s something I’ve overlooked? Something simple that’s just sucking a ridiculous amount of juice like some sort of juice-sucking thing.

Maybe a “Genius Bar” appointment is in order?

Any other ideas?

P.S. If it is a battery, I’m gonna try to replace the thing myself. I’ve watched the online tutorials and read how to do it. It seems doable, and better than shipping the phone off and spending a shitload to do it.

P.P.S. Now at 84%.

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8 Responses to Mother Ducking iPhone.

  1. buckeyeinrichmond says:

    iPhone batteries are notoriously an issue. Still, I have an iPhone and will keep it. Couple of notes. If you go to an apple store, they can test it and then replace the battery on the spot. Better to have an appt.

    I don’t bitch so much when I take an honest look at how much I use it.

  2. Partick says:

    Here’s your problem…
    “ALMOST all location services” – all you turned off was access for the App.
    As long as you see that little arrow in the corner of the screen, your phone is constantly checking where it is and checking in. Turn it off….COMPLETELY and see if that helps. I bet it does.

    • cb says:

      The only location services I have on are Siri, traffic, and find my iPhone.

      No little arrows are showing up on my phone, because I’m not using those features.

      Ps– I’m now at 36%, after like 1.5 hours of light to moderate use.

      • Partick says:

        Geeze!…. just turn it off completely… the phone hates it, and it is a pain when you want to use an App that requires it, but you can always turn it on when you use the App and then turn it off. I speak from experience.

        you don’t need to keep up with Grindr 24/7.

  3. LO says:

    haha I hear those cruise apps eat up a battery.

  4. Adam F. says:

    Sounds like a bad battery, man. Sorry. I’d like to know how replacing it yourself works out should you choose that route.

  5. YvesPaul says:

    I’ve had the same issue, my battery drain like water through cracks and it was a relatively new phone. I took it to the apple store while the guy looked at it in merely 3 minutes the battery dropped 5 points. His diagnostic shows that it wasn’t my battery. Back then he told me to reset every setting and upgrade to iOS 7, but it still didn’t work so he replaced mine with a new one (or refurbished one) the second day I went back. It was like new, and I don’t have that issue again.

  6. truthspew says:

    I shutoff everything on my Android phone. Wifi, bluetooth, location services, etc. I unplug the phone every day at 7AM and the phone generally lasts until about 7PM when I have to recharge it. But it’s also got an extended battery pack so that might be why.

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