San Francisco!

Open your golden gate!

That’s right, beyotches– I’m heading to San Fran. Aka Frisco. Aka SF. Aka the city my the bay. Aka gay Mecca.

Aka not Oakland.

I arrive Wednesday evening, the 16th of this month, and stay through the weekend. Yeah, I realize I have missed Folsom, but that was actually by design.

You see, I’ve never been to SF before, so I’m quite excited to explore it. And I really didn’t want my time being take. Up with a pervy street fair.

I’m trying to make my list of “must sees”– Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate park/bridge, Lombard Street, Mr. S Leather, etc. But mostly I just want to explore by ear and relax.

One thing I really want to do is Muir Woods. But I think it might be a national park, which means it is probably closed at the moment.

And yes- I will be exploring the gay scene. It IS our Mecca after all. I’m actually staying Castro-adjacent, if not in the Castro. Seeing as how I don’t know where any dividing lines are, I can’t be sure. But I am sure I’ll hit a bar or two and be a nice, chubby, Midwestern wall flower.

So– any of my readers have suggestions for what I should do while there?


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11 Responses to San Francisco!

  1. Jon (friend of Blobbysblog) says:

    Having lived there for many years….don’t call it “Frisco” or “San Fran”, you’ll NEVER get a date. Get a Clipper Card and take MUNI and BART-or taxi’s. Don’t rent a car. I wouldn’t waste my time at Fisherman’s Warf. Do go to the Ferry Building for great views, good restaurants, coffee, etc. (Boccalone has nice sandwiches and get their T-shirts are cool). Castro is a must, of course, even though it’s not what it used to be. You should find a bar to your liking. SOMA has some good gay bars, too. Be careful!

  2. Girl Tuesday says:

    Go across the bridge. Going to Alcatraz is very cool, but you need to get tickets ahead of time. I’ve tied to go several times, and they’ve been booked. Tons of fun restaurants everywhere! Don’t discount the wharf – there are lots of great places to eat there as well. Try to get to Gumps on Union Square. It’s a fabulous store! Have fun!

  3. Chip says:

    You’re far from a chubby midwestern wall flower. Play safe, and don’t come home too sore.

  4. Blobby says:

    Walk through the Persidio. Take the staircase from Coit Tower down Telegraph Hill. Have a drink at Top of the Mark. Yes, walk across the bridge. There isn’t that much special about the wharf. Muir Woods is a National Park, so you might be screwed there….just not in the way you’d like.

  5. rjjs8878 says:

    The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is architecturally significant and has a great collection. They may still be under renovation so check their website. Union Square has great shopping with everything from Neiman Marcus to Old Navy. I really enjoyed the Alcatraz tour. The de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park has one of the best views of the city from their tower observation deck. The California Academy of Sciences has a lot to offer (across from the de Young) but comes with 10 million kids on field trips. Go there later in the day when the kids leave. Be sure to check out the living roof garden. Have fun!

  6. Matt S. says:

    Alcatraz will be closed until the shutdown is over, as is the Presidio, and Fort Point (under the bridge). The GG Bridge is a must-see for walking across. The views are amazing. The waterfront is great for a leisurely stroll or jog. Fisherman’s Wharf is ok to see once, but it’s mostly a tourist trap. You won’t be in a hurry to go back there. A ballpark tour of AT&T is a must for baseball fans. They operate every day in the off season. Haight-Ashbury isn’t what it used to be, but Amoeba Music is a fascinating place to browse used and new DVDs, CDs, and vinyl. Berkeley also has an Amoeba as well as a great Rasputins near the university. BART will get you within a few blocks of Cal and Telegraph Ave. Twin Peaks offers the best view of the City. Check out the shows at Castro Theater. Roam the shopping opportunities along Market St. & Union Square. You can rent a car part if the time you are there and drive up to Napa Valley to explore some wineries. There are ample coastal hiking trails and beaches on the Sonoma coast. Goat Rock is great, north of Bodega Bay (which is beautiful in its own right).

  7. Daniel says:

    When you’re in Chinatown, make sure to find Golden Gate Fortune Cookie company and peek in at their operation. The manufacturer in you will probably be shocked by it, and a hot and fresh fortune cookie is heaven.

  8. Paul says:

    Eat lots of Thai food. Excellent places on Market Street just down from the Castro. Be prepared for many, many beggars. They r everywhere!

  9. Partick says:

    Check out Golden Gate Park and more importantly, check out the de Young Museum if only for the architecture and especially the exterior skin.

  10. Mark in DE says:

    There’s a store in the Castro called “Does Your Mother Know?” which we thought was cute. Hope you have a great time!

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