It’s that time of year again, time when schools are back in session and the local concert bands are beginning their seasons.

There is a particular concert band in the area with whom I would enjoy playing. This is a different band from the one I currently participate in. A better band. Or at the very least they seem to play a repertoire that is more in line with what I want to play. Plus their conductor is a composer and I really like his music!

Unfortunately they already have a full complement of trombones. And they require an audition. And so tonight I audition.

I fucking hate auditions.

As a musician, I don’t suck. I know I don’t. Most concert band stuff I can sight read, and if I can’t? A little practice to ensure im not the weak link and I’m good to go. I have a good ear, play dynamics, and am a solid contributor to the ensemble.

But in an audition? I get super nervous, my hands shake, my tone wavers, my breath support goes out the window, and I tense up like crazy.

The thing is– it won’t matter much. Even if I do well, they already have enough trombones so I would just go onto some “sub” list. To be called when nobody else could fill in.

Furthermore, I haven’t actually done an audition in a long time, which doesn’t work in my favor. I mean, it’s not like I have a host stock audition etudes up my sleeve. And I haven’t played my trombone all summer because if drum corps, so even my basic scales are rusty.

Heh heh. Rusty.

I had to pull out a couple old, crappy “audition pieces” and have had about a week to work on them. Needless to say, they aren’t polished. But I’m out of time so they’ll have to do.

The only good thing is that this is experience. And it’s also something I said I wanted to try. So after 7 pm this evening I will definitely have tried.

My best hope is that I do okay enough to be considered as a sub, and then prove my worth in a band setting.

Finger’s crossed.


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3 Responses to Auditions

  1. Chip says:

    Will you do Drum Corps again? Good Luck tonight….
    +++ Chip

  2. Girl Tuesday says:

    My fingers are crossed for you! Picture them all in jock straps….. šŸ™‚

  3. RG says:

    Buenos Suarte mi amigo!

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